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DIYRadio April 11, 2018

Any time you can get Colin and Dan together to talk DIY and home repair you know you are in for a great time., Dan and Colin join us every week to walk through some of the issues you are confronting with the repair of your pad!

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The show notes!
 Temperatures- Last week, Accuweather said that by last weekend it would be
all change with lower than historical average temperatures for most of April
starting last Friday. Clearly they had an off day! Now saying that most of the
month will be over the historical average!! Last weekend was mega-scorchio.
Friday +6degrees and Sat +4degrees & now showing above historical
average until at least 20 th April. Time to sack the weatherman?
 How hard is it to install smart home lighting as a retrofit? No but not sure
now is the time. The technology is evolving rapidly. Direct control wireless
bulbs, wireless light switches, sound, curtains, AC, smoke alarms etc. etc.
Every established fixture manufacturer & new players in this market such as
Nest, Amazon, Google have their own independent range. However who will
still be in the market in 3 years time? Who will continue to update their app to
match phone & tablet updates. Who will continue to manufacture electrical
fixtures? Too early for us to get involved. Think long & hard from a customer
 Easy to repair sagging pavers? Supposed solutions available to inject liquid
solution under flags & tiles that sets but practically speaking this is a flawed
method. Best to lift the paver, add aggregate (sand, grit etc.) to the right level,
compact it & relay the pavers.
 Chipped marble steps is there a filler possible? Tend to be epoxy-based.
Important to polish afterwards or sticks out like a sore thumb! Plenty of
companies in Dubai able to do this like Marblelife
 Kitchen cabinet do over easy? Wood, aluminum, vinyl different options.
Wood Respray- Lots of companies but best to use 2K (2 pack car paint)
Jumeirah Carpentry 043392938 Vinyl- Creative Wrap Solutions 055 566 4263
Auminium- change your kitchen!!
 Loose banister at base easy fix? Depends on what the banister is attached
to & how. Plugs & Screws- remove screw, drill out plug & replace. May need
bigger size. Anchor bolts.

Section 1: Pump Problems
 Message on British Dad’s Dubai this week ‘my pump keeps turning off & on’
which is a common issue. Villa issue & not apartment
 Can be caused by a number of issues but not normally the pump itself
o Water Leak- Toilets, sink taps, showers, bidet, outside garden tap, tap
on the roof for AC Servicing. Even a drip every 10 seconds will cause.
Spare room, maids room, roof!
o DEWA Bypass Valve- If your pump fails, most (not all) villa’s have a
Dewa bypass valve so you can temporarily connect your villa directly.
Low water pressure. Not allowed as a permanent connection!
o Irrigation- Defective solenoid.
o Pipe leak- after the pump & NOT if between the tank & the pump.

o Pressure kit failure- turns the pump on & off. Often when it fails, you
see a small jet of water coming out of it- replacement time! 975dhs
fitted 1 year guarantee. ESPA
o Mechanical pressure switches- Frond villa’s on the Palm, The Villa,
Layan Community & Al Waha, some of the Springs etc. More sensitive
to air temperature so may need adjustment to turn off effectively. If
your pump is constantly running & not turning off, this could be it at this
time of year.

Section 2: DIY Can Really Mean Do It Yourself!
 Definition: the activity of decorating, building, and making fixtures and repairs
at home by oneself rather than employing a professional.
 We do lots of ‘Do It Yourself’ on behalf of our customers (& appreciate it)!
 It’s a funny one that putting up pictures, curtains, painting is classed this way
yet we have a team of 10 specialists focused on this alone.
 The reality for many people in Dubai though is that they work long hours &
DIY just isn’t a top priority when they have free time.
 However for those that fancy a crack, here are some hints & tips:
o Measuring- Measure twice, cut or drill once.
o Drilling- Use a good quality hammer drill & the correct drill bit for the
task. Old bag held by masking tape below the hole reduces dust
o Curtain Hanging- If you are moving into an older property in Dubai,
decide if the curtains would look OK if placed higher than normal above
the top of the windows. (Below is often full of non-structural filler due to
previous curtain-hanging which will disintegrate when you try to drill it.
o Picture Hanging- ALWAYS use a drill, rawl plug and screw & not a
o Electrics- Don’t even attempt unless you are sure you are competent
for the required task. Hire a professional to keep you safe!

- 150mm width PVC pipes from hardware stores in Satwa
- Marker pen
- Measuring tape
- Hacksaw
- Pipe cement
- Clothes pegs
- Measure the longest shoe you want to store

- Add 3cm extra and then mark the pipe into equal length sections
- Cut pipe lengths using the hacksaw
- Wash pipes in the shower/bath
- Use a bookcase as a guide to help you stack the pipes
- Add pipe cement along the areas where you want the pipes to stick together
- Use clothes pegs to hold pipe lengths

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