Saturday, April 28, 2018

CarClinic April 17 & 24 2018

Glenn from GT Auto Centre joins the show every week to help you sort out what is going on with your car!

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The notes.

Hello drive live team, My friend bought a second hand 2012 high-end Korean car, it passed RTA test. He was advised to get it re-inspected also by the agency for more piece of mind. No damage was found. Two weeks later, a crack in the radiator caused the fluid to leak and got the engine overheated beyond possible repair. Despite precaution, the car is non drivable now. The engine and cooling need to be replaced. My friend is frustrated that the crack was not detected in any inspection. Please advise.

Q. you were talking about James’ paint colour do we need permission to change car paint colour?
Q. are there tell tale signs a car has been driven HARD that we can see from a walk around or walk under?
Gone through 3 wiper motors in 2 years bad luck or more going on?
Q. any idea why we don’t have hot weather tires here like winter tires in the US?
Q. my wife says the brakes on her car are too grabby, really, seem ok to me, what could be going on if the are too grabby and is there a fix?
Q.AC fan only works on one speed, replace or is there a fix?

April 17 podcast
Can we trust our workshop we all feel a little fear when we leave the car more seems to go wrong!

Q. do we get better petrol economy with a manual transmission?
Q. they guy at the oil change place tells me my oil is dirty any idea what he is talking about? Wants to do an engine flush
Q. My car is pulling to the right, alignment or what else could that be?

Q. also hearing a rattle when I hard turn right any ideas?

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