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The DIY Show February 28, 2018

How often have you had a faucet that just won't stop dripping or an issue with your paving stones?

The WeWillFixIt .com guys join us in the studio to help with all your DIY issues.

The notes.

Section 1: Its Almost Summer!

The Heat Is Coming- Puts the fear into everyone!! Plan ahead now before it gets hot. Landlord discussions etc.

AC’s are Weird- Can’t see much of the equipment but they are crucial. Nightmare when they break down.

Recent Arrivals- Many people don’t have experience of AC’s in their home countries. Some trepidation about them.

Technicians Arrive & Disappear Onto the Roof- No real idea about what they do & then the bill is presented!

How Do You Work Out What You Need & What A Good Supplier Looks Like?- Do they warranty their work? Are their technicians qualified? Has the supplier been around for a decent amount of time? Internet? Friends recommendations?

Section 2: Types of AC Within Dubai Homes & Work Required

Chilled Water vs Split Gas- Usually split based on property type

Modern Apartment- chilled water

Villa- Split gas. Variations- Multi-systems, Package Units

Anomalies- Chilled villa’s- Green Communities, Jumeirah Islands, villa complexes attached to residential towers- Mainly Marina. Gas Split Apartments- Older apartments e.g. Satwa, Deira, Karama & International City

Types of AC Maintenance Work Required (Gas Split):

AC Service- Regular mechanical cleaning & checking that should be undertaken 2-3 times per year. Should take 30-45mins per unit.

Cleaning- Indoor filters- All rubbish companies do. This is not a service!!, condenser coils- on the roof, drain pan (disinfect), vents

Electrical & Mechanical Checks- Indoor fan motor, outdoor fan motor, compressor, power cable & isolator, thermostat

It Needs More Gas!- Standard Dubai customer call! Rarely the case. Standard 65psi (double a car tyre!). Only loses gas if a hardware defect. More gas= short-term fix.

Service Review- Noise- fan housing, fan motors, Condition of insulation, temperature of air coming out of the vents, coils & ducts, balanced air flows

Duct Cleaning- Mechanical & chemical cleaning of the ducts leading from the indoor AC unit to the vents. Once every 2 years

Equipment- Specialist kit! Rotobrush vs negative air.

Rotobrush Process- Mechanical- Rotating brush with integrated vacuum. Chemical- Fogging. Camera- Can be used to verify.

Coil Cleaning- Evaporator coil (indoor unit) cleaning. Really difficult but massive benefits! 3-4hrs per unit

Traditional Method- ‘Open Heart Surgery’- Remove drain pan, fan motor, cut out the coil, take outside, power wash with chemicals, WELD BACK IN!!!, re-install all components, re-gas & test.

Our Method- ‘Keyhole Surgery’- Adapted US Equipment designed for another purpose which allows us to clean the coil without removing it from the unit. Scene from Crime Scene Investigators (CSI). Faster, safer, better value.

Cheating- Ash on coil raked with a comb brush- Only cleans (poorly) exterior of coil. Can’t reach behind coil. Very poor!


 I have put down some artificial timber tiles on my deck outside in the garden. Unfortunately they have lots of white leaching going on and doesn't look very attractive. I was wondering if there is a particular varnish or sealant that I could paint them with so that they look nice like when they are wet but on a permanent basis thanks Ben

 Why do we even have water tanks? Don't have in europe. Luke

Good evening gentlemen.  Doc James my philosophy is "If it ain't broke don't fix it, if it's broke don't try to fix it yourself,  call the professionals ". Sam

How easy is it to instal something to protect wall corners from kids and chipping in heavy traffic areas?

Any garborators being used in the UAE?

The kitchen fume hood can it be easily ducted out of the apartment?

Hand rail  is loose at the base it is going into concrete what do I need to do to secure it?

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