Friday, February 16, 2018

The DIY Show February 14, 2018

Colin and Kevin in the studio from to solve your home repair problems.

And we have a little project for you!

The Notes.

  • Incoming Questions:
    • -how to reseal a tub, silicon, grout...
    • -rewire a doorbell
    • -easy loose tile fix
Section 2: The Oddest Jobs & Main Jobs of the Week
The Oddest Jobs:
  • Rat in the AC Vent- Everybody scared of this but it does actually happen! Odd noises coming from the AC’s happen a lot & very rarely is it actually an animal. Expansion & contraction due to temperature changes, fan motor vibration, damper valves but this one really was a rat with its tail hanging out of the vent!!! AC service turned into full duct & coil clean & total disinfection of the unit.
  • Gardener puts fertilizer into the HOUSE water tank- Planned to add fertilizer to the irrigation tank so it automatically dispensed. Didn’t know that the irrigation water came from the same tank as the house water! Luckily villa owner saw it but only clicked at dinner when discussing it with friends. Tank clean- only by Dubai Municipality approved suppliers like us!
Main Jobs of the Week:
  • It’s been a DIY & Plumbing Week- Its Spring & January is over so time for home makeovers- pictures, shelves, painting etc. & lots of DIY from house moves. Spring plumbing leaks!
  • Summer is Coming- 33.5 degrees in my car this week. Noticeably hotter. Good time to service your AC’s before it gets too crazy!  
  • Cost of garden furniture is crazy!
  • Issues with different types:
    • Wood- warps. Needs preservative. Softwood versus hard wood.
    • Natural Rattan- Drys & cracks
    • Plastic rattan- UV from the sunlight initially discolours it & unless top quality needs recovering (if viable) within 2-3 years if unprotected.
    • Sail shades- additional protection- last longer than outdoor umbrella’s. DIY job to install (or we do!)
  • Make Your Own Pallet Furniture:
    • Basic & cheap material- Used available for 15dhs each. New 40-60dhs.
    • Easy to build designs available online.
    • Perfectly tailored to your needs & your space.
    • Outdoor sofa’s, tables, bars, coffee tables, benches, day beds- options only limited by creativity!
    • Simple to build & you great to involve the family to learn DIY skills (e.g. drilling, screwing, painting) along the way.
    • Cushions can be cheaply custom-made from ‘Plant St.’ in Satwa.
    • If it wears over time, cheap & easy to replace pallets.
    • Dubai Eye Facebook page- Instructions for making a pallet coffee table & L-Shaped Sofa

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