Sunday, February 11, 2018

CarClinic February 6, 2018

Here we are Glenn @glennthatcarguy and James talking car repair!

Here are the talking points for the show.

  1. 50,000km yariis need an engine flush? Was a question last night.
  2. Signs an alternator is going?
  3. Jeep got past RTA needed paint for the chipping clear coat
  4. Can tire sensors be deactivated?
  5. Windscreen leak is it possible to reseal a windscreen?
  6. Wind whistle anything to do about this?
  7. Headlights keep burning out , every 5 or so months anything this is pointing to?
  8. How often should we really change the oil manufacturer and garages have different dates
  9. Will over sized tires give an inaccurate odometer reading?
  10. Do you think the electric window mechanisms fail here more often because of the heat? The support of the window inside the door.
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