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Fix-it Radio January 17, 2018

So, ever thought you could fix the little issue with your taps or maybe you figured you had what it takes to adjust a door?  And how did you make out?

Maybe what you need is someone you can bounce your DIY and repair questions off.

Colin and Dan from wewillfixit sit with me and take calls and texts about your home issues.

This week we started the show talking about the things that people need to think about if you are going to move or renovate your place.

It was interesting to chat about who we hire to do our handy man tasks and the fact that the cheapest workers often hired people to do this work in their own country. Colin figures that 30% of the work wewillfixit gets is fixing the mishaps of others.

If you want to walk into Ace or Speedex like a pro then this is a show you don't want to miss for sure.

Grab the podcast.

Here is what we set out to talk about.
800 fix
Colin Thomas

Daniel Garner

Ideas around this topic include:
  • To Move or to Renovate?- The age-old question especially given the current depressed rental prices that may tempt people to trade up.
    • Move-
      • Cost of Moving-
        • Expected- Removals (variation in cost & quality!!), DIY (painting, curtains, connection of appliances)
        • Hidden- DEWA- deposits timings (old & new property)
        • Lack of Property Knowledge- unknown faults (leaks, float valves, hardware etc.)., AC Servicing. Getting a property reliable. Landlord vs Tenant Relationship
      • Social- new neighbours versus old. Dog walking routes, traffic or recreation noise! Development Facilities- play areas, shops etc.
    • Stay & Renovate-
      • Amazing what some paint can do! Matt vs Silk, edging, time! Dubai walls (lots of repainting creates stipple effect, wall repairs, cracks, wall to ceiling edges).
      • New Room Layout- Close to a new home without moving!
      • Minor Quick Upgrades- USB Sockets, water heater timers, lights, garden. New furniture often cheaper than a move.
      • Limitations for rental properties & the need to ‘return to as found’ for landlords. However this usually needs to be done no matter what décor you have on the walls!
  • New Properties- What to look for:
    • Signs of leaks- water heaters, toilets- limits caused by lack of connected DEWA.
    • Landlord choice- Potential pitfalls of a bad landlord. What to expect from the landlord vs tenant relationship.
    • Good property for top rate or poor property for a cheap rent- RERA rent calculator. Rough costs to renovate. Why is it cheap? etc.
If this works for you, lets lock it in and lets ride this! See you at 8.30pm.

Upgrades, usb sockets, water heater timers

-removing nails from concrete and repairing the wall
-primer on concrete
-mat vs gloss
-AC maintenance what does that actually mean
-duct cleaning why and how

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