Friday, December 22, 2017

In Conversation December 13 & 20

Are you thinking about VAT in Dubai as a consumer?
Dr James Kelley joins the conversation about the coming VAT in the UAE and we had a rather interesting conversation.

We also had a studio audience for this show.

VAT are you ready as the person who will pay it has it sunk in and are you ready?

Government employees will not get any additional salary increase to compensate for VAT
During the FNC session held in its headquarters, FNC member from Sharjah, Dr Saeed Al Mutawa raised concerns over the impact VAT will have on consumers, the readiness of businesses, and VAT's impact on the overall national economy, with Obaid Humaid Al Tayer, Minister of State for Financial Affairs.
"Although VAT might appear minimal to consumers, it will be a burden once it is accumulated with water, electricity and gas bills," said the member.  However, the minister said there will be no salary increase, as it is not included in the 2018 federal budget.
"The draft law for 2018 federal budget, which the FNC will look into today, does not include any salary increases," announced the minister.
He said the government already introduced increases to the basic salary in a regular manner.
"This increase could be higher than the impact percentage of VAT," Al Tayer added.
Although the members argued that VAT could affect the consumers, the minister pointed out that the tax will not be implemented on health or school education.
However, Dr Al Mutawa said an official proposal should be raised to the government and presented to the Cabinet about how much Emiratis are spending after VAT takes effect and whether or not it will affect them.
The FNC member proposed that based on the evidence from the study, a salary increase should be given, in which members of the council voted in favour for.

December 13 with Dr. Sarah was a great conversation about parenting.

Click for the podcast.

Dr. Sarah Rasmi

I am a Canadian Psychologist (Ph.D.) and professor with a passion for supporting families. I work with parents across a range of family, relationship, and well-being issues, as well as those who want to learn new skills. I also consult with government entities, corporations, and schools.

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