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CarClinic Nov 27, 2017

This is some of the best practical radio on the planet, we fix cars plain and simple!

Glenn pulls himself away from GT Auto Centre once a week to join us in the studio and help you navigate your car repair issues.

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The Notes.

  1. The 1st host of Nightline now hosts business breakfast who is it?

2. Nickleback is a band from which country?

3. 1 American dollar buys how many dirhams

4. 1st American woman in space was who
Sally ride 1983

5. Uae became the uae in which year

6. Chanel 33 news was a staple of Dubai what window covering company was the prime advertiser

7.sheikh Zayed had a private island that is now a nature preserve and tourist attraction it is
Sir banyas

-Are shock absorbers side of the car specific

-how often should the heppa filters for my ac be changed?

-how often are the rad hoses inspected? I blew one after a service and wondered if they should have seen it?

Q. My 2005 Volkswagen beetle turbo has been a true fixer up it was my first car and i got it at a low price due to the work it needed. The major things have been fixed but just recently when accelerating after being stopped / going at a low speed the car makes a loud rattling sound . The sound resembles a chain being dragged and gets extremely loud its so embarrassing Unsure . When focusing in on the sound it seems prominent on the driver side . Can anybody tell me what this could be ?


I keep hearing this noise coming from the drivers front side. It sounds like when you roll up your power windows but the noise is slightly louder. I heard it three times this afternoon when driving around. The windows were already up. It truly sounds like the power window noise but slightly louder and lasts for about 4 or 5 seconds. I have a 2012 Kia Sportage

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