Saturday, November 04, 2017

The CarClinic October 31, 2017

Automobiles are not only a mode of transportation and the one thing that may actually join us all but also an endless source of frustration.

We love our cars but few of us are experts in repair and it is so easy for us to be led astray when it comes to automotive repair.

Well, Nightline has you covered with Glenn jining us in studio to fix your car on the radio.

OK he listens to you and suggests a course of action but it is as close to radio repair on the radio as you can get!

Click for the podcast!

The Show Notes.

  1. Glenn, the tahoe is making a squeaking sound from the rear right tire, brakes, shocks, bearings? Happens when braking or not.

2. Mechanic guy I have a question about my right front tire.  In the morning there is a drop of oil on the ground behind my front tire, no apparent brake issues any idea of what this might be.

3. I notice a vibration at 50 Kph speeds only. Otherwise the car is perfect. Should I get it fixed or just drive on ? Shanil

4. Is there any way to disable the tire pressure sensors

5. Knw anywhere that I can get a chilly bin built into my boot?

6. Can you explain the tire number like 270 60 R17

7. My seatbelt sensor is acting up have you ever heard of this I have to fully retract the belt to not have the warning go off

8.  How easy is it to get the rear bumper repaired from a little crash? Or is it better to replace?

9. What damage might be csued if the battery leads are put on backwards

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