Sunday, November 26, 2017

CarClinic November 21, 2017 (Best UAE Podcast)

Where do you turn when you want some great advice on how to fix your car, to Nightline and Glenn Power for sure.

We fix cars on the radio.

Glenn spends his day at GT Auto Centre and once a week brings the garage to the studio.

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Here are the show notes.

My Mercedes C200 2014 started making V8 type growling noise every time i accelerate normally and a lot more if I really press on it.
Earlier this noise would only happen if I switched to sport mode and manual modes.
Now it seems the sound just keeps increasing over the pass few months.
Pls help

Also I feel that my Mercedes doesn’t really down shift as much as it should and hence when it’s on 6th gear in auto and I break and slow down then the engine makes that hauling noise typical when you are at low speed at high gear.

Please advise

Q.How often should the tire balance be checked

Q. Can an air suspension easily be converted to traditional?

Q. I am seeing 5w40 20w50 and other oils what do the 2 sets of numbers and letter mean?

Q. I drive a 2010 Ford Explorer with 90,000 Km on the clock. It runs great. However, when I changed the oil I found coolant in it--yet the coolant level is full.
What is going on?

Q. I accidentally poured some windshield-washer fluid into the radiator. My coolant mix is two-thirds water, so will the washer fluid hurt the radiator? Or should the radiator be drained and filled with new coolant?

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