Saturday, October 14, 2017

CarTalk with October 9, 2017

It is always an interesting evening when you get to sit and talk cars and that is exactly what we do on Nightline every Monday.

CarTalk is easily the most entertaining and informative hour of conversation about all things automotive with Motoring Middle East.

Take a look at those 2 mugs, don't they make you feel reassured when it comes to car choices, oh absolutely!

We had a good long talk about my test drive of the Tahoe.

Take a look at the images below that was one monster of a vehicle, I call it the shipping container on wheels. Big V8, lots of room, many USB jacks and a lot of tasteful tech. But I was a bit harder of a ride than I had expected.

The Show Notes.

Drove the Tahoe! 232000?

(next week talk Z06)-once inside awesome

-TJ Cruiser, is that a joke?
-eKar and Passats, lovely!
-New Range Rover Velar gets full five-start Euro NCAP safety rating and even scored 74% for pedestrian protection. It features autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection, reverse traffic detection, lane keep asist, driver condition monitor, intelligent speed limiter (it reads road-side speed limits!)

-cool! For those who, unbelievably, might actually forget their children in the car (it has happened), Hyundai is planning to introduce a Rear Occupant Alert system using motion sensors for 2019 model year cars. If it detects movement after the driver leaves the car, it will sound the horn, flash the lights and even send an alert to the driver's phone. The only thing that worries me is that it is possible for children to be incredibly still when they're snuggled up in a car seat in deep sleep. So these sensors would need to be extremely sensitive.

2018 Terrain and 2018 Yukon Denali will both make their Middle East debuts,

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