Saturday, September 23, 2017

GetGitRadio with Innerfight September 18, 2017

It is a little but funny that we take hours of fitness classes when we are in grade school, then join gyms, then play on organised sporting teams and we still need a bit more help working out what is happening in the world of fitness.

The hard truth is that the world of health and fitness has a lot going on and there are changes that we need to wrap our heads around.

So to help us get talking and get to some of the answers about the evolving world of fitness we turn to the team at Innerfight Gym,

Marcus Smith is our expert on all things fitness this week and we had a great bunch of topics.

We kicked off the show talking about extreme cycling!

There are no bad questions or bad answers on this show!

Click for the podcast.

The Show notes.

  1. Let’s talk about your cycling adventure!
-never thought about pedal stroke perfections!

-GET FIT QUICK plans do not work!

-What do I start 1st Weights or cardio?

-some reasons we might not be getting stronger

Questions and comments
[From: Juha Good evening gents, I know that this is little bit a medical question but Marcus in your experience have you noticed people getting hernia in their lower stomach while doing death lift or leg extension? I managed to got hernia in both sides and now just wondering if I should keep the weights more modered when starting to exercise again? Juha

Why don't you two join us for our Friday run to prep for your marathon. We set out at 6am every Friday and accommodate runners of different paces.

The Dubai Creek Striders half is filling up fast and normally sells out a month before race day. I suggest you get your registration done ASAP James

Marcus I am feeling drained after training 4 days a week is it possible I am working out too much?

What do I need to think about to avoid kettlebell use injury

How do I know how much I should be lifting as a minimum and maximum


I have been working out for a while and I am not losing any weight or seeing any change to my look any idea what might be happening or not happening

Why would we wear compression socks or leg wear as an athlete?

I love the plank tips! Saw you doing a bit of planking yourself in the mountains!

How to build your chest without weights, more body weight exercises, pushup variations

6 ways to eliminate stress and bodyfat

How to make morning workouts happen!

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