Friday, September 29, 2017

GetFitRadio with Innerfight September 25, 2017

Fitness, food, endurance and sleep are all things we managed to pack into this weeks show.

Coming to you from Innerfight Gym, during a class, this is a show that has the action going on around it.

Maybe we need to record the show with a class?

We had some great questions and encourage you to fire your questions through to us in advance via email,
Marcus is our regular cohost and as always he has some great ideas to share.

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The show notes.

-what was the highlight of the endurance weekend?

-why do we need a heart rate monitor sometimes when we train?

-I am concentrating on more sleep thus switching up the exercise to mid-day and so far it has been good although it does mean more has to be done with time management.

-saw this article on Thoracic spine mobilisation, interesting
The video is a good instruction so this is an exercise and stretch!

-what is the best way to build endurance for a triathalon, is it simply working on each of the parts or are there specific exercises I should be doing, help appreciated.

-Thoughts on the new crop of athletic drinks are they better than water,  a bit more expensive for sure

-are you hearing more talk of improving gut microbes? Seems to be a coming buzz idea

-I was wondering if you could recommend a good weight lifting shoe, that I could still wear on occasion while doing some cardio.  I would rather not have to change my shoes from one activity to another, if possible.

  • I hear talk about coconut oil, even from you guys, what is the fuss all about?

-Love looking at the travel workouts of others!

Travel Workout 1: 12-Minute Tempo Run

It’s pretty self-explanatory: just go out and run or walk fast at a faster-than-normal pace for 12 minutes.

Travel Workout Two: 8-Minute AMRAP

For this one, you set a timer for 8 minutes and then see how many times you can get through this circuit (AMRAP = “as many rounds as possible”):
  • 12 walking lunges (do 12 on each side)
  • 10 plyo squats
  • 10 plyo side lunges (also called super skiers)
  • 10 push-ups

Key to a healthy lifestyle is 1. Motivation and 2 accountability
-Reminds me of the guy you just featured on instagram, fellow canadian, who had gastric banding and then hit the gym hard and is still hitting it

7 ways to make squats more exciting!

How to do a pullup well!

Thoughts on what is best to eat before a workout. Some say fasting is best any truth to that?

Why isn’t it just good enough to do cardio to be fit?

Wondering why workouts never seem to get easier even after going to the gym for years

Is there any truth to the idea traditional situps are harming our backs?

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