Sunday, September 17, 2017

DocTalk with Dr. Fabrizio September 13, 2017

Dr. Fabrizio from the Valiant Clinic joins us to talk Pulmonology.

Here is where the conversation went.

Dr. Fabrizio  is a European educated and trained Consultant Pulmonologist. He has over 16 years’ experience in treating all aspects of pulmonary conditions including, but not limited to Asthma, COPD, Interstitial lung diseases and Respiratory tract infections. He specializes in diagnosing
lung cancer and providing Smoking cessation and sleep medicine programs.
Dr. Facchini attended University of Ferrara, Italy and University College London, United Kingdom. Before moving to Dubai he worked as Consultant at different teaching hospitals in Italy and the United Kingdom, including University of Ferrara, Coventry and Leeds.
asthma and linking it to the Dubai summer weather, as well as the upcoming bronchitis season and how people can avoid suffering from that. He will also be discussing sleep apnea.
Seeing more kids and younger people
Asthma, and sports, adults
Smoking related conditions, ecigarettes, vapour
Bronchitis, lung cancer (lung cancer screening)
-not only caused by smoking, 20 years ago microcitoma-smoke related
-now 50% of the time cancer is deep in the lung and caused by small particles in the air and maybe from ecigarettes
Snoring and sleep
Infections, TB
Fibrosis in the lungs
Air conditioning

Aviation pulmonology

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