Friday, August 25, 2017

Talking Trump the callin with Dr. James Kelley August 23, 2017

So, here we go a conversation about President Donald Trump from Dubai.

Nation divided? Smart people? Is he actually doing a great thing for America?

Dr. James Kelley joins the show as Nightline tries to put a positive spin on the Trump leadership.

Interesting that a Canadian thinks that maybe there is a silver lining to Trump being so provocative on Twitter.  The American in the studio is ready to jump over the desk and arm wrestle.

Click for the podcast.

The notes.

Lets talk about the elephant in pretty much every living room in America, President Donald Trump.

Is he good for America, bad, it doesn’t matter?

BBC talking that the base is still happy with him.
Arizona Rally media attacked again for FAKE NEWS

What are your thoughts on Mr. Trump and if you could give him one solid piece of advice what would it be?

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