Friday, August 25, 2017

GetFitRadio with Innerfight August 21, 2017

Who isn't thinking they need to get their diet and exercise under control?

Exactly we all have questions about our fitness, we are all reading and watching hours of content on this or that diet.

Well Innerfight joins us every week to help sort through the myth and get is moving!

This week Andre is on the program and this guy is great.

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Welcome back how was the summer?

-what did you have for breakfast?

-ideal week back, get moving routine to get you back to the gym (this is for the person who wants to come to the gym not as a total wreck)

-your favourite exercise?

  1. Cardio vs weights it isn’t really a one or the other is it?
  2. Diet, how important is it anyway and what do you suggest people with a huge sugar craving do to get over the 3pm slump.
  3. How important is it to hit a max heart rate in a workout and do we need to do this every time?
  4. Andre as a trainer where do you go for inspiration do you have a trainer?
Q. if I want to burn fat and increase my strength to do things like move stuff around the garden without it being a chore what kind of reasonable investment am I looking at?

Q. my sister is sceptical about fitness because she does not want to get bulky what are the chances doing a basic bodyfit class or the like would make her bulky?

Q. I lost some weight and got a new wardrobe, scary because so many people rebound but it seems to have been what I needed to keep focused!

Man boobs are an issue for many this was a great article with lots to talk about!

1-what is a lean muscle diet?
2. What is cardio for fat loss?
3.thoughts on muscle strength training to eliminate man boobs?
Can we talk belly fat and the variety and the diet/exercise mix?

Motivation vs discipline they are 2 different things

The main issue with motivation is that it is fleeting and unreliable.

When I made a conscious decision to improve my discipline, I researched habit cultivation and the psychology behind discipline. I learned that self-discipline is a learned skill, whereas before I believed it to be an innate characteristic. What I found was that the power of routine and the cultivation of discipline in your everyday life is essential if you want to perform at your best. On the surface, certain things may seem like a waste of time, however the effect that small behaviors and decisions have on the bigger things in your life is remarkable.
I had to identify my weaknesses and develop a clear plan for overcoming them. There is no rule book or direct diagnoses for certain habits, and there is a lot of trial and error during the process of cultivating discipline.


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