Thursday, June 22, 2017

the CarClinic with June 20, 2017

It is one thing to like cars it is another to keep your rolling art running.  Well, Glenn joins the show from and that is all that he has on his mind, keeping your car running!
Out of the shadows we come.

P.O BOX 666 Dubai, U.A.E
T: +971 4 3412344 | F: +971 4 3412734
Tel: +971 56 926 9393
E-mail :


Some of the questions.

Q. I have been quoted a crazy price for replacing the windscreen of an e500 aren’t these things standard now?
Q. integrated bumpers, what is the deal I have had 2 replaced in 2 years due to silly bumps and they are rather expensive do you prefer the old bumper system as a mechanic
Q. door rubbers are they a simple thing to replace my garage wants to charge me an arm and a leg! GTI 2016
Q. window on the driver side makes a real whining sound as it goes up is this a sign it is about to go?
Q. son got sick and it went down the window jam, don’t ask, easy to open the door to clean? Malibu 2016

Q. While driving a message pop up where my mileage had been saying Hi with oil can. I just got my oil changed 4 days ago.

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