Saturday, March 25, 2017

The GetFitRadio Show Talking Men's Health Transformation Challenge March 20, 2017

OK, who has looked at them self in the mirror and said there needs to be a change?

Well, 4 guys, 8 weeks, exercise, diet and let's see what happens.

In this show Carlin Gerbich, editor-in-chief, of Men's Health Middle East, Jay Christie, trainer PTDXB, and David Craig, DJ extraordinaire, join us to talk about the transformation challenge.

What you can take away from this show is that anyone can make a positive life change if they have a goal and are motivated.

James, David, Jay and Carlin

Here is a little look at what the guys have been doing!

Sled push.

More pushing.

Air squats.


More lifitng


A look at the show notes.

Part 1
Carlin what is this transformation thing all about and how did you come up with this team?
Jay thoughts on the challenge when you met us all?
Durante and David why did you say yes?

Part 2
-Carlin and Jay what do you think are the tricks to motivating people? Jay this is your job as a trainer and Carlin you are writing about this every week.
-David and Durante how have you sustained your motivation?
-tips and trick to a sustainable diet what is everyone doing, Carlin you went from bar room brawler to crossfit open guy you have something to say I am sure.
-what about short shorts and training a must?

Part 3
-What exercises are the best all round result generators?
-Dumbbells feature prominently in  your workouts why?
-Abs what are the exercises you recommend?
-Reps matter?
-picking a weight how do we know when we have too much, you don’t want to wimp out  or get injured but you want to improve?
-did the rope climb once not a good exercise?
-sled pushing what does it do

Part 4
-the benefits of working out with others
-how to sustain the gains after a program ends
-what is next for this gang Carlin?
-Talk about the features
-Puma and short shorts

Thoughts on Pilates?

How important is stretching? I hear mixed reviews.
Explosive speed and hamstrings this looks interesting and has a lot to think about!

Best workout while watching tv the moves are what we do except 1 Judo pressup

Here we go walking to a total body workout!

What do you guys think about fitness wearables?

Flash workouts?

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