Friday, June 03, 2016

The Middle East Indie Music Jukebox June 1, 2016

Well, so often I read and hear people asking where is the local music in the Middle East? And inevitably the conversation turns to the fact that there are many artists calling the Middle East home and they have so much talent so why are we not hearing that music talent on the radio?

Well, every week Triplew.ME Paul and Adam join Nightline and spin an awesome playlist of indie tunes.

The Playlist.

1. ETYEN_Aoede (Mashrou' Leila) Remix
2. Abz - Die Here
3. Vandalye_8th Reign
4. Nowhere Birds - Slumber
5. Fat Randall - Letting Go
6. Palayan - Deception

The Podcast Link.

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