Saturday, January 30, 2016

GetFitRadio January 26, 2016

Marcus Smith and Holly from Innerfight Gym,, join the show to talk fitness and eating for success.

What becomes really clear is there is a lot going on in the city and there are a lot of questions on people's minds when it comes to fitness.

The podcast link.

Here is a bit of what we spoke about.


base fitness is going crazy

½ ironman

hi.  would love to hear your thoughts on supplements that claim to boost testosterone.  Also, can testosterone really be boosted naturally through diet and exercise?  Thank you, Jerry

Hi, i've hit a fat loss plateau and im planning on starting and intermittent fasting diet, thoughts on intermittent fasting? Thanks

  1. perfectionism in the workout can that lead to failure? Interesting article!

2. for before the holly segment!

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