Saturday, October 10, 2015

CarTalk Monday October 5, 2015

Nobody likes to talk about cars and automotive issues more than the boys form!

When we talk cars on Nightline you never know exactly where the conversation is going to go.

Have a listen to the PODCAST.

And of course the conversation was dominated by the CHRYSLER HELLCAT, give it a listen!

Of course we have a list of things we want to talk about each week.

Alfa facelift

Sizuki concept car

BMW x4

New Little Range Rover

One of the best cars today!
We reckon it's one of the best little cars you can currently buy!

Interested in the Infiniti JX35 / QX60? Read this

-the Hellcat!

I was certainly the black sheep when I reviewed the‪#‎AstonMartin‬ ‪#‎Vanquish‬

Toyota RAV4 is leading year-on-year growth in Al-Futtaim Motors’ SUV segment for the period ending August 2015 at 53.4%, followed by the Toyota Fortuner and FJ Cruiser. Our review…/2013-toyota-rav4-review-imthis…/

This was a surprise

Here is a look at the SMS conversations!

Please advise me on the Ram 1500 truck I'm looking to purchase a brand new one very soon thank you 


When AND where can I buy a Tesla? Thanks. Gilbert

Ford explorer vs pajero what do u recommend regards rashid

Guys. Got myself a 3.5 2016 Pajero, the most I could afford. Please say something nice about it. 

 Going to Iceland in April. 2015 Dodge Durango for 1200 Dhs a day or a 1998 Landcruiser for 400 Dhs a day? 

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