Wednesday, June 17, 2015

GetFitRadio June 16, 2015

Zelda Higgins from Zayed University joins me on a weekly basis to talk about your fitness!


And here are all the links to the conversation!

Mr. Higgins program update

  1. the swimsuit slim down, might work?

2. doing a shared workout over skype, cool idea!

3. how to get more bang for the crunch

4. Pumpkin Pie bars!

5. Triple layered breakfast apple sandwich

6. How to add inches to a chest.

7. treadmill desks!
The results, when the researchers compared the treadmill walkers with the people sitting at their desks, substantially favored sitting. The people who had walked during the testing performed worse on almost all aspects of thinking, including the ability to concentrate and remember, compared with those who had been seated.
And they were much worse at typing, being substantially slower and more error prone than the sitting group.

8. Prioritising health is not bad.

9. how do I get a flat stomach?

10. can’t do chin ups any suggestions?
11. Which is better for your body and why: yoga or Pilates?

12. Are abdominal exercises effective if I want to lose extra fat around my stomach?

13. I have no time to exercise anything you suggest?

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