Wednesday, June 17, 2015

CarTalk June 15, 2015

Every week I get locked into a padded room with the boys from, the studio, and we talk cars.


We always have a plan and we always get off the plan.

Talk Hellcat!

Thoughts on Chev Spark!

What about the Renault Clio?

Will we ever see a Honda Ridgeline here?

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has rolled out its new California camper van, based on the recently introduced T6-gen Transporter. It packs everything... literally including the kitchen sink.

Oh My!


Hyundai Creta?

A look at some of the SMS traffic.
In driving a 2013 srt charger, love the car,can't drive it fast without getting black points

Porsche 911 or nissan pathfinder 

How to make a non GCC car to become a GCC specs?

Hi guys, love the show. I had seen  couple of hellcats in dubizzle. There was one neon green and a red one i believe. But then again,  tats where all the flooded cars show up though. Stan

Hey, not only the cameras, car makes noise and takes off, so that's black point too. Ali

I hv a infinity fx 45 2004, only 78000miles gone. The power and torque good but the ride is stiff. How to soften suspension. Kindlyb advise
Thanks. Bijsli

Jaguar F type or BMW M3

Is it cost effective to export my Maserati to the US from here?

Why Germany cars more  caught  fire   Faisal

Any thoughts on the jag xe? Also, your thoughts on the best all wheel drive under 150k? Even a year old one? Aji

Why buy American? Technology in American version is much advanced. I wanted a car with intelligent cruise control  (and affordable). Outlander cr-v American has those features but not GCC cars. Any suggestions.

Is Aed 100k a good price for a Touareg SEL 48k kms done?

Where does a hellcat come from? And is it the same as a skat pack?

Hey guys just a quick question now that you have finally driven the horrible new mustang v8 what would be a proper muscle car that has soul and not a refined European v8
Ps imti when is our next night drive finally fixed the patrol it's not loosing power every time I go airborne  regards saeed

Toyota tundra 2008. what s a good price ... also is it recommended to buy it. If yes ... GCC or American


Hi...good evening....I want to know what is ur review about a second hand BMW 2011 316i....approx price 50k.....90K kms.

Ref to same question regarding fx 45, as you are aware this is a V8 american. Is it advisable to keep it for long? Am using it for 3 years so far no issue, enjoying ride except stiff suspension.


What do you think of sell any Seems their valuations are too low designed for desperate cash sellers. Stuart

Hi gentlemen. CRV really? Don't know about the drive but was never fond of the look. Looks like kind of like a poser SUV crossover nightmare. Where doesit really fit in? Regards, Shez, the truck guy.

I'm confused between a Range Rover evoque or the Nissan Patrol

I'm late to the show but how was the AMG drive to the radio station shehzaad? Saad Zafar

Hello guys, what're your views about land rover LR3 2008- 2009.  Usually 120000+ kms is advertised for approximate 50k AED, Thanks, sayeed


What is your opinion on Infiniti JX35, now Q60.

I'm between Audi A7 and Bmw 640i.. Which should I pick?

Hi guys, any news on the final edition LR Defender

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