Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Obesity Call-in Nightline March 10, 2015

Lara and Melis were in the house and the question we posed was very simple, what are you doing about obesity?

Do you have an obesity life hack?

Is obesity an issue for you or a family member or a friend?

Have you given up on fighting obesity?

We kicked off the show with a great app that is making a difference in the fight against obesity.

A conversation with Alex from styck.

Thoughts of a student on how to make it all work.

The Podcast!

Here is a look at what we used to fuel the conversation, our notes.

The question I was thinking is along the lines of these app guys, what are
you doing to keep moving and live a healthy lifestyle?

Do you have a personal lifestyle hack?

What are you doing to lose weight? There is a bunch of things online but what are you really doing?

5 ways to fight obesity

ways to fight obesity

Interesting take


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