Tuesday, March 10, 2015

CarTalk March 9, 2015

The boys from www.motoringme.com join the show to talk about what they know the most about, cars!

As always there is a lot to share.

Is it possible for there to be Mustang Love?

And can one love the Juke?

The Podcast!

Here is a little look at the comments we had during the show.

Hi Guys. I'm planning to buy a Subaru WRX "CVT". Don't have a manual driving license in UAE, so can't go for STI. Currently driving a Focus 2.0. Opinions?

I recently drove a 2.4L Hyundai Tucson LTD and was pleasantly surprised. What do you guys think about this car?

Please let me know your thoughts on the Grand Cherokee 2014, 3.6L V6.

When will the new xc90 be on sale in uae? Thanks

guys alfa guilietta the most underestimated car in mena, it is the best, it is so much fun to drive and looks great. i had one in istanbul and literally felt like i was divırcing when i sold it!!

I have a JKU 14 - have been researching lift kits for too long and am completely confused on what to install and how much to spend? Rgds, Jaffar

Gents . Need urgent advice. Found a 1990 3 series BMW . For 7 k aed.  Only issue is gear box.  Gives jerkz.  Should I go for it . If yes please advise price it's worth . Thanks

I just saw a pajero add on Sheikh Zayed road, buy 1 and win a 2nd free.

@91,000 aed

Folks. I need to sell my C280 avantguard with AMG bodykit. It is 6 yrs old. How much should I be looking for it? Dineshb

Hi guys, last friday on the hatta road a bunch of hot wranglers sped past my humble cherokee ('95). . They all looked mean and great! All jeepers.com guys maybe? B rgds ian (skoda guy)..

The show notes.

What are you driving?
-the mustang tell us
-86 and FJ tell us

10 best cars in Genrva Show

Calum and his ram!

Rolls Phantom police car!

Next Gen defender 2018
L663 will be "a butch-looking, go-anywhere luxury liner," that will be available in at least five body styles, including two- and four-door models available with long or short wheelbase lengths and in convertible or hardtop from, as well as a four-door pickup. Five engine choices will also be offered, including JLR's new Ingenium four-cylinder engine lineup with both gasoline and diesel variants, and a range-topping 300-hp 3.0-liter V-6 replacing the V-8. Those engines will be mated to either a six-speed manual or nine-speed automatic, which can be coupled with an optional low-range transfer case and two locking differentials.
  • Land Rover Dc 100 Front Three Quarters View
  • Land Rover Dc 100 Rear Three Quarters View
  • Land Rover Dc 100 Side View
  • Land Rover Dc100 Front Three Quarter
But given the Defender's new target market, the SUV will also be more comfortable with improved ride and handling. The Defender will continue to use a live axle, but the ladder frame design will be replaced by a lightweight unibody mated to two separate subframes. As we previously reported, that unibody is said to be made out of aluminum. This architecture, called D7u, could preview what's in store for the rest of the Land Rover lineup. In addition to the improved ride, the new Defender will also benefit from enhanced interior quality, ergonomics, infotainment, safety, and efficiency. So not to completely alienate its current following, the Defender can be de-contented to save cost and weight. Things like air suspension and active body control will likely be retained, but infotainment options, a 360-degree camera, off-road-oriented navigation, adaptive extended-range headlights, hill descent and hill climb control, and a Terrain Response system will be optional. Land Rover expects to move 30,000 Defenders each year, which would be a big jump from the current model's sales. Though it may get a little softer, the next Defender will broaden its appeal, which will help it cross the pond to the U.S.

Really liking the Terrain

BMW i3 will it come


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