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TechTalk February 9, 2015

What time of the day is it? TechTalk with Andrew Thomas from DigitalNexa.com.

We had a lot to talk about this week and it is amazing how fast we can get off topic!

The Podcast.

And here is what everyone asks about, the show notes!

Hello Apple TV!
Apple TV launched almost eight years ago, prompting fevered expectation of a TV sector revolution. But that hasn’t materialised, has it? However, “Le Grande Pomme” hasn't given up, and is allegedly still in intensive talks to develop and launch its own pay TV service - and this time the talks are with progamme makers rather than broadcasters or television makers .
The proposed service would comprise of bundles of programming, secured through deals with content providers and sold direct to consumers, rather than a traditional TV line-up; the idea being that punters only pay for what they want, rather than getting the BBC, HD Movies and Sky Sport plus Channel 5, Russia Today and 9,000 other channels they never watch.
Yelp - just incredible app
been using this for a week and i love it
I never thought I'd be saying it, but Microsoft's Outlook is the best email app you can download right now.
I've tried a lot of email apps for my job, but what I love most about Outlook is that it manages to bring an uncompromising email experience into the modern age. There's hardly anything you can't do with Outlook, and yet this powerhouse of an email app still features a striking interface that's bristling with helpful features.
Most importantly, Outlook works seamlessly with Gmail, which is what most of the world uses. It also works with Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com, and Office 365, so most people can make the transition pretty painlessly.

Apple Pay  - whole foods - it just works
Bought a new phone set up is so easy
Superbowl winners and losers in social

Microsoft is exciting now, fantastic article
sad news for radio shack fans, is this because of competitors or online?

This is just cool, how much gets tossed out that could be used? Think of this with food not Tech.
Google is now looking at academia!
When it comes to building up clout in an emerging industry, Google pulls out all the stops. And doing that usually involves spending lots of money.
Google Research, Google’s portal to the academic world, is making major investments right now, building up an innovation and research program dedicated to the nascent collection of products and technologies collectively known as the Internet of Things (IoT). It's created a research grant program called Open Web of Things to attract talent to the company, as well as to fund and give technical support to promising research groups in academia. The application process is now closed, and Google will choose the recipients by this spring.
More on the Internet of Things!
Tim O’Reilly has recently focused on the connection between humans and the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s a topic he’s written about andtalked about, and it’s also at the heart of our explorations into interaction design and connected devices and experience design and the Internet of Things.
O’Reilly’s keynote address at the Solid Conference in 2014 explored the human-IoT link. The talk expanded the scope of the IoT, making it clear this isn’t just about individual devices and software — we’re creating “networks of intelligence” that will shape how people work and live.
The talk has become an essential resource for us as we’ve investigated the blurring of the physical and virtual worlds. That’s why we decided to put together a text-friendly version of the presentation that’s easy to scan and reference. And since we think it’s so useful, we’ve made the text version publicly available.

What IOS spyware?
There’s a creepy new piece of iOS malware making the rounds that can actually turn on your microphone and snoop on private conversations. And it doesn’t even require your iPhone be jailbroken to infect it.
Trend Micro refers to this threat as XAgent, and it’s part of a larger operation they call “Pawn Storm.” Why? Because the criminals controlling the malware don’t go after their intended targets immediately. They first try to infect people close to the target, turning them into pawns in their little game of chess.

This is cool a keyboard with a built in computer!

Most hardcore PC enthusiasts love a nice mechanical keyboard. Whether its for gaming or fast typing, it’s hard not to enjoy the feel of some nice switches. A company called Acooo has just launched a new mechanical keyboard with a quad-core Android PC tucked inside, called the oneBoard Pro+. That means it can be hooked up to a traditional PC, or it can work on its own.
The Android PC tucked inside features solid specifications as far as mobile chips go. It has a 1.8GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 backed by 2GB of RAM. It also has 16GB of internal storage and an SDHC slot that can support cards with up to 32GB of storage.
The Android portion of the keyboard is removable, which could lead to DIY upgrades when the hardware becomes obsolete. That would likely require support from Acooo, however. Android 4.4 is the operating system of choice, so the oneBoard Pro+ is a bit behind on the latest smartphones when it comes to software.
For connectivity, Acooo has included an HDMI port, multiple USB ports, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.0. As mentioned previously, users who don’t want to use the Android PC can connect the keyboard to another computer and then use it as a traditional input device. An LED lit headphone port on the side is also available to make it easy to listen privately.
As for the keyboard, it features Cherry MX switches, which is something fans of mechanical keyboards tend to look for. The LED lights on the keyboard illuminate in various colors, providing buyers with a bit of visual interest.
Acooo’s keyboard is available now from multiple retailers including AliExpress. It’s not cheap, though, with a retail price of $299, which is more than one might expect to spend for a standalone Android PC and a mechanical keyboard. Of course, the tradeoff is the convenience of having one device, which could be enough to entice people who are enthusiasts of Android, keyboards, or both.

GoPro TV but not here yet!

Energizer batteries are mixing it up for eco friendly ratings!
Energizer has announced a new line of high-performance AA and AAA alkaline batteries that are in part made by recycling old cells, in what's claimed to be an industry first. Although currently only four percent of the battery comes from recovered materials, the plan for the company is to grow that percentage tenfold over the next 10 years and eventually use recycled materials in all its future cells.
Even though manganese, zinc and steel can be recovered from spent alkaline batteries, hardly any recycling company bothers with this because, for this type of cell, the process is just too expensive relative to its returns.
Energizer says it has spent the past seven years researching ways of refining materials from old batteries into a high-performance active ingredient, and has now come up with an alkaline cell made with four percent (by weight) recycled material. Its new "EcoAdvanced" batteries are said to be the company’s highest performing alkaline batteries to date, and they will reportedly contribute seven percent fewer greenhouse emissions compared to other disposable batteries.
For the time being the batteries only include a very small percentage of recycled materials, mainly because very few recyclers currently process them. But now that the company has increased commercial demand for them, it predicts that, by 2025, as much as 40 percent of the battery will come from recycled cells.

a viable gaming laptop?

Check this bad boy out!

Another smart watch!

What is google hatching with Mattel?

Cool idea I can see how this could also be a problem BUT we are seldom without our phones!
The “Smart Lock” feature on Chrome OS allows you to pair your Chromebook with your Android phone, automatically unlocking it when the phone is nearby and unlocked.
Android 5.0 also has its own “Smart Lock” features, which allow you to automatically unlock your Android phone in a specific location or when a certain Bluetooth device is nearby.

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