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The ME Indie Jukebox with

Every week Nightline goes from a talk show to the regions premier independent recording artist music show.

Triplew.ME brings in a bag of music and we play and chat about what we are hearing!.

Honestly there isn't a better music show int he Middle East, but I am biased this is my show.

So you be the judge.

Here is a bit of what we spoke about.

Some might say we live the dream or I live in the dream.

The anatomy of a song.

All good songs want you to play air guitar.

Here is the lineup for the show.

El Genina - Zaed Naes ft. Maii Waleed

Noush Likes Sploosh
Lonley at night
There is something wrong with this picture


Warda - Betwannis Bik (Who Killed Bruce Lee cover)

O Grey - Tanjaret Daght

And here is the podcast in full.

Close all the Zoos Call-In February 25, 2015

It was a very simple question on Nightline, is there a need for zoos today?

Some of the links we used to prep.

The banter.

One of the big issues it seems is simply space, add space and maybe a zoo isn't so bad?

And there is the question of respect!

And Dubai Zoo?

Here is the entire podcast of the Zoo Call-in.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

GetFitRadio February 24, 2015

Here we go it is GetFitRadio with Zelda Higgins,, the recreation coordinator from Zayed University.

Lots of things to speak about this week including the 3rd week of detox in the Higgins House, but not all are on the program.

And there are a nice set of questions fired at Zelda!

Here is a little listen to what we got up to.

Here is our conversation about carrots.

Here is a nice exchange about working out in a gym and spandex!

A chat about sports socks.

Here is the podcast.

Here is a look at the show notes.

remedies for work  freakouts

The wearable banana

-just a great story!

Pregnant questions!

Did you work out when you were pregnant?
I trained anywhere between 1 to 3 times per week while pregnant, depending on my energy levels. I performed a dance or kick boxing class and focused on high repetition weight training. As my belly developed, I avoided exercises that required me to lie down. I ensured my heart rate didn’t exceed 140 bpm and I stayed hydrated.

What foods did you eat while pregnant?
I ate balanced meals of lean protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. I splurged on small indulgences here and there, but I was vigilant about not giving into food cravings. I knew that the recommended weight gain was 25 to 35 pounds and it can be easily exceeded if I didn’t watch my intake. I only ate 300 to 500 extra calories per day for the baby, which didn’t come into effect until my 2nd trimester.

How long did it take to lose weight?
Your weight loss is dependent on how much you gain during pregnancy. You should lose 15 to 25 pounds right after giving birth. The rest will take dedication, sweat and discipline. This is why you must mindfully eat while pregnant. If you gain 50 pounds, you will be left with 30 pounds of excess weight after your pregnancy! I gained 35 to 40 pounds with each pregnancy and it took me at least 6 to 8 months to lose the baby weight and feel amazing.

Do you have stretch marks?
I did develop some stretch marks on my abdomen. To help avoid getting them, I kept my skin hydrated and gained weight slowly. Unfortunately, the only way to remove stretch marks is through surgery or some laser procedures. However, your stretch marks will appear less noticeable over time and with strength training.

How do you manage your time with work and three kids?
As a business owner, nonprofit founder and freelance writer with three small sons, I definitely have to manage my time efficiently throughout the day. I make lists every night and try to get my workout completed early before the kids awake. Most of my meals are prepared in advance so I can easily grab a Tupperware or snack bag on the go. It’s important to focus and prioritize your goals daily.

How do you exercise with a baby at home?
Many of my workouts are completed at home because it’s more convenient and I don’t usually have a sitter. You can invest in either fitness DVDs, weights, a stability ball, strength bands, or a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike.  I often place my baby in an exersaucer or playpen while I train.  

How do you find the energy?
Being a mother is very exhausting, but what keeps me energetic is setting short-term goals that make me motivated. Sometimes I aim for a weekend getaway with my husband. Other times I would sign up for a 5K or a photo shoot. Whenever I create goals, I create energy to complete tasks, especially when I’m tired, frustrated, stressed or depressed.

What are your favorite exercises to tighten your tummy?
I like a variety of exercises. I try to focus on my deepest core muscles, my transverse abdominals, my obliques, my back and my lower abs. I perform core work at least twice a week and incorporate 3 to 4 different exercises with a 20 to 30 rep range. I take 30 second breaks between sets and focus on drawing in my belly button and exhaling through each movement.

-how do i know if Im dehydrated
-I worry about  a big neck from lifting wieghts? I’m a man
-getting muscle cramps the day after a run any ideas

-classes vs individual workouts

How to get a healthy balance!


By: Jennifer Cho Salaff
We live in a fast-paced, plugged in, often stressful, go-go-go kind of world. Many of us have demanding jobs, way too many commitments and feel overwhelmed because we’re spread too thin. Consider these five steps to avoid burnout, find empowerment and create a more balanced life.

Americans spend almost 12 hours per day in front of screens. That includes 5 hours at the computer, laptop or mobile device and almost 4½ hours in front of the TV, according to a 2013 study by research firm eMarketer. With so much of our lives spent watching and consuming it’s no wonder doing and being get pushed to the wayside.
“In our modern, 24/7 constantly ‘on’ world, [unplugging] is even more important [than ever],” says Dr. Mladen Golubic, Medical Director for Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Lifestyle Medicine. Setting aside time, even 10 minutes a day, away from our devices and spending that time “quietly” –like meditating – can have benefits like positive hormonal changes and increased brain size, says Golubic.

Tip:  Challenge yourself to take conscious breaks. Start small, like 20 minutes per day. Go for a walk outside, meditate or do your favorite non-screen activity (cooking, gardening, working on your car, etc.). Push yourself and try it for one whole day. Then one whole weekend! See how you feel and take note how it affects your lifestyle.

“We all need to eat. This is one aspect of our lives we cannot avoid. So why would we not eat foods that support the highest level of our health?” asks Golubic.
We hear it over and over, what we put in our bodies affects how we feel and what we look like. We are far happier when we feel good about ourselves and what we eat plays a very big part in that.
Experts recommend whole, unrefined foods mostly of plant origins. Think vegetables, 100 percent whole grains, legumes, fruits, lean meats and fish. “[These foods] have the most beneficial affects on our body and mind,” Golubic says. “Studies link these types of foods and nutrients with better mood – that is, less anxiety and depression.”

Tip:  Eating smart isn’t about deprivation, but about making better choices. At breakfast try a bowl of steel-cut oats and top with fruit instead of grabbing that sugary donut. If you really want a hamburger, consider skipping the bun (ask for it “protein style” – wrapped in lettuce). Opt for your favorite iced-blended coffee drink sugar-free and with skim milk. “Good for you” doesn’t have to mean “boring.”

Making time for yourself is probably one of the hardest things to do when you’re constantly on the go. But carving out alone time is key in creating space to contemplate, prioritize and recharge.
David Sandler’s job as a relief worker in places hard hit by natural disasters (like Indonesia and Haiti) takes an emotional and physical toll. He builds downtime into his busy schedule like making dinner with friends, scheduling a beach day or writing in his journal.
“I’ll go to a coffee shop and put on headphones when I’m feeling extroverted and need to be around people,” Sandler, 37, says about journaling. “I’ll process and pray for myself for a while. No interruptions.”

Tip: Treat yourself to a massage or a facial. Grab a glass of wine or a cup of coffee/tea (alone or with a friend) and unwind after work. Buy fresh flowers for yourself. Write a letter. Read that book sitting on your night stand.

Research shows regular physical activity can help you be more alert and boost energy levels. Seems counterintuitive, but if you’re inactive or fatigued even a little bit of physical activity can help.
“We recommend 10,000 steps per day in any form – walking, running, swimming, biking, etc.,” says Cleveland Clinic’s Golubic. “That would be 15 to 20 minutes of aerobic workout three times per week and 10 minutes of strength training, twice a week.”
For Andrew Yonce, feeling balanced means never skipping a workout. The 36-year-old juggles a full schedule between family, clients and running his Southern California-based commercial and residential real-estate firm.
“I can start off the day on the right note and feel like I can tackle it,” says Yonce, who wakes up every morning at 5:30 to run, lift weights, bike or swim.

Tip: Put it in the books. The first thing Colleen Quinn puts on her calendar each month is a daily run or bike ride. “I block out time and I schedule every other obligation around it,” says the single mother-of-two and media/entertainment marketing director. “Every Saturday morning, I have a sitter come [watch the kids] while I run. I’m a better mother and person because of it.”

Minimize the negativity around you. Avoid toxic people and relationships (complainers, whiners, bad attitudes), what New York City-based life coach Julie Holmes calls “energy vampires.”
“They only call when they need something, they talk all about themselves and rarely ask how you are – it feels like work to be friends with them,” Holmes says. “It can be hard to distance yourself from people you care about, but if they are sucking the life out of you, you’re better off spending your time elsewhere.”
Consider dropping activities that sap time and energy and re-thinking your to-do lists. And saying ‘No’ to someone or something often means saying ‘Yes’ to yourself.
“Last year, I employed the power of saying, ‘No,’” says Hallie Bram Kogelschatz. “I found myself too over-committed and frustrated because I didn’t have enough time for initiatives that I cared most about, or my family.”

Tip: Re-prioritize your errands (i.e. order those gifts online rather than going to the mall; ask the teenager down the street to mow your lawn; take up that babysitting offer from a friend). Make a list of people who are supportive, uplifting and challenge you to be better. Then make it a point to nurture those relationships. MS&F

Cartalk February 24, 2015

And here we go for round 2 of CarTalk with and it was live from the Tennis Stadium in Dubai.

Here is a little listen to some of the fun we got up to.

First we have the field of electric dreams!

We had a little chat about the life of a journalist.

And a chat about the NX!

Here is the podcast of the entire show.

Here is a look at what we set out to speak about!

DEWA launching its 1st electric car charging station tomorrow 10am!
Road A-Peel: Upside-Down Car Clings to Curling Street
Article by Steph, filed under Installation & Sound in the Art category.
hanging car 6
An upside-down, cherry-red car clings improbably to a slice of a concrete parking lot as it curls up over itself in this gravity-defying installation by British artist Alex Chinneck. Hanging in mid-air with no visible supports, ‘Pick yourself up and pull yourself together’ is a collaboration with Vauxhall Motors located just outside London’s Southbank Centre.

FB- what is new in the Toureg this year?
February 16, 2015

Cheeky looks, lots of space and prices from AED57,900 – what do we think?

By Shahzad Sheikh
2015 Renault Captur Review
I thought Renault was giving me the mighty fob off, when I went to collect this test car, by showing me to a taxi instead! But no, despite its Dubai-Taxi style colours, this was my test car – the brand new Captur.
That should have put me off as I didn’t want to keep getting flagged down at every corner, nor was I particularly enamoured by the engine spec, but there’s more to this car than first acquaintance would suggest, and at a starting price of just AED57,900 – it’s at least worth a closer look.
2015 Renault Captur Review
It’s a front-wheel drive crossover five-door hatchback on stilts based on the same platform as the Nissan Juke, however whilst the Juke starts at AED66k, this three-model Captur range tops out at around AED68k for the LE.
Erratum: In the video I mention that this is the entry level model, it isn’t. The featured car is the mid-level SE model priced at AED62,900.
You don’t have to have it in these colours, you don’t even have to have it in two-tones (that’s an option on the middle grade SE – as tested here – and standard on the LE). But I’d have it, as it certainly gives the looks a stand-out feature and emphasises the pert stance, pinched waistline, curvaceous hips and perky style of this petit French belle.
Nobody actually did try to stop me as a taxi, perhaps they recognised that it was just too exquisite to be a cab, but a couple of people did stop me just to find out more about the car. So clearly a head-turner and don’t worry there are plenty of other decent colour combos to choose from. I particularly like the Arizona Orange with the Diamond Black roof.
2015 Renault Captur Review
Oh I’d say, at least when it comes to fish-net like upholstery and zippers to peel it all off! In fact from the SE model you get removable upholstery which can be washed, and keep additional sets of seat covers to colour-coordinate with your outfit if you wish!
Big, clean and bold, is otherwise the sort of theme on the inside. An intriguing instrument panel merges traditional dials with a stylised digi-numerical speedometer, and a large central pod which, along with the air vents, is outlined in the exterior roof colour for added attraction. No large touch-screen on our car (you get that on the LE), but everything was straightforward and easy to work with good Bluetooth.
2015 Renault Captur Review
The glovebox is actually dubbed an ‘Easy Life Drawer’ and when you slide it open it’s easy to understand why as it has an 11-litre carrying capacity. There are more trays and compartments on the dashboard top and in the centre console including a large removable bin for rear passengers – so all very handy.
Taking of rear passengers, even with the front seat set for my 6-foot plus frame, sitting in the rather upright rear was no issue at all for head or leg/knee room. Plus you can slide the rear bench back and forth. Split folding rear seats make the luggage compartment pretty accommodating too, and it has a false floor that can be remove for even more space.
2015 Renault Captur Review
Back to the front of the car and it feels very welcoming, with good visibility. Underneath the bonnet lies a 1.2-litre putting out 120bhp – that’ll eventually get it to a top speed of 190kph whilst passing 100kph 10.9 seconds after starting off. However this thing only weighs 1180kg, so performance is astonishingly spirited, and it’s aided by… no not another one of those Nissan-Renault family CVT gearboxes, but a handy six-speed dual-clutch auto.
It isn’t the most sprightly off the line, but once it’s moving, it picks up momentum rapidly enough to keep up with the cut and thrust of Dubai traffic. It also handles well with decent reponse, restrained understeer, good grip and surprising poise despite its upright stance. It’s let down only by a choppy and unsettled ride and brakes that could be more progressive and linear.
2015 Renault Captur Review
The value and fun factor of the new Captur simply can’t be denied. It’s spacious, practical, reasonably peppy, satisfying to chuck around town, very economical, offers standout looks and an inviting cabin.
There’s very little not to like, and at the money, most arguments against it go straight out the sunroof. Those looking to trade up from the Renault Duster look no further, and those heading the Kia/Hyundai showroom should take a detour to Renault – this is well worth a look.
2015 Renault Captur Review
PE: AED57,900 ($15,764)
SE: AED62,900 ($17,125)
LE: AED67,900 ($18,486)
Engine: 1.2-litre Turbo 4-cylinder, 120bhp @ 4900rpm, 140lb ft @ 2000rpm
Transmission: 6-speed dual clutch automatic
Performance: 0-100kph 10.9 seconds, Top Speed 190kph, 5.4L/100km
Weight: 1180kg

Geneva Auto Show:

Renault Kadjar
Bouyed by the Renault Captur (which we’ve just reviewed here) the French car maker will reveal its bigger brother, the Kadjar.
It is based on the Nissan X-Trail platform and will come with 4×4. It will be made in Spain and in China (the first Renault to be built there) and we’re probably going to get the Chinese versions when it arrives in our region, probably later this year.

McLaren P1 GTR
Limited production version of the track-dedicated McLaren P1 GTR with nearly 1000bhp will be shown at Geneva. Presented in famed Mclaren Le Mans colours from 20 years ago, is wider, lower and lighter, with race aero giving it 660kg of downforce at 250kph.
The twin turbo 3.8-litre V8 produces 789bhp and teh electric motor adds 197bhp.

Love the Land Rover Valentines day ad!/restoration!

loving the beetle 2014

Really want a Caddy as a family car

Chery E8 45900 Al Habtoor!
Chery p2 pickup has a crazy good looking front end

Evoque Cabrio! Love the idea

A Crazy Soul!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

CarTalk February 23, 2015

And this week we are doing 2 shows from the tennis stadium in Dubai, this is the 1st show.

MotoringMe as usual doing all the heavy lifting as we try to help the world pick the best vehicle for every occasion.

The word of the night was Juke!

The Podcast.

Here is a look at what we set out to speak about.

What are you driving?

Look at this!

Lotus Evora!

new juke? Seems like the old Juke?

Lexus NX 200t, nice?
All the audi cars beside us
I still think there is a Sonata link

2016 Pilot looks a bit like a Pathfinder, which is growing on me like a slow fungus

CarTalk in a Car

This is a great video of the boys and me, James Piecowye, talking cars and this particular Audi A8!

Love to hear what you think about the A8 and hey share your views on the conversation.

TechTalk February 23, 2015

It is that time of the week when Andrew and I, Andrew from, explore what is new and being talked about in the world of technology.

I think we have a unique Middle East perspective on tech and there is more than a bit of fun being had in this studio!

And we managed to talk about the great kelly Jones and his fashion sense!

Here is a tease to the podcast.

A look at LinkedIn and job searches.

We spoke about UberX.

We talked about sharing your pin!

And a solution to the foreign film subtitles!

All that is left is the podcast itself!

Want to take a look at the stuff we spoke about?

The show notes!

app of the week

LinkedIn Connected on the App Store on iTunes

Linkedin out of 3rd party dev?

The LinkedIn Job Search app speeds up your job hunt with:

Location-based search to help you find the right job in the right place

Push notifications when relevant jobs go live

The power to apply with your LinkedIn profile in just a couple of taps

Plus, total privacy, so your network won't know you're looking.
Get a load of this!

uber eats - food delievery for uber
snapchat update
google and mattel update
facebook is huge!
new payment card

love this!
23 second tutorial!

Low yet high tech!

This is cool on kickstarter!

COMPANIES / IKIDS / MOBILE / NEWS / TV  Continuing its investment in kids content, YouTube has confirmed the US launch of a standalone YouTube Kids app. Global head of family and learning Malik Ducard will provide more details at his Kidscreen Summit keynote address on February 23.
Very cool!
A pocket synth to program!
Andrew you spoke about this with a Dubai cinema experience!

Oh Yea!

Very funny very cool!
The tutorial video has already gained over 270,000 views and we anticipate a good deal more pick up in the coming days.You can check it out here:

And here’s a page with additional information and download links to get the emoticons:

worth a look on code sort of

Need one!

Microsoft buys a calandar app heading mobile!
In other words, Microsoft's new strategy to buy its way back into mobile contention remains in full swing.
Sunrise is notable mostly because it synchronizes easily with a variety of different calendar services, including Google Calendar, iCloud, Exchange, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It lets users switch between a regular calendar view and an appointment-focused agenda view, and pulls in relevant data for friends and contacts on Facebook and LinkedIn.


This is a cool projector!
Virtual reality can make you feel like you’re high atop the Wall in Westeros, flying like a bird, or running from an alien intent on killing you, but to everyone else, you look like a spaz flailing about in high-tech ski googles. This makes demonstrating a head-mounted display like the Oculus Rift difficult in a group setting. You can set up a monitor that displays what you’re seeing, but the result is an underwhelming pair of screenshots. Hardly the immersive experience VR promises.
That’s the insight behind a slick projector called Immersis that demonstrates the panoramic power of VR en masse.

Digital payment wearable?

Cameras are very powerful today just plain wonderful to watch!

Good look at google and marketing ideas from google!


Google is it!

Great Idea!

Xiaomi, the tech titan that spurs a crazy load of fandom in Asia, just announced its first outreach to American consumers. Too bad it won’t include phones.
In a press event in San Francisco on Thursday, the Chinese electronics company revealed that its e-commerce portal will roll out for the U.S. and other markets very soon. “We’re going to launch when we’re ready," Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra said, "and that will likely be in a time frame of a few months.”

This is a bit of cool ipad mini 3rd party case magic!

This is a cool projector!
Virtual reality can make you feel like you’re high atop the Wall in Westeros, flying like a bird, or running from an alien intent on killing you, but to everyone else, you look like a spaz flailing about in high-tech ski googles. This makes demonstrating a head-mounted display like the Oculus Rift difficult in a group setting. You can set up a monitor that displays what you’re seeing, but the result is an underwhelming pair of screenshots. Hardly the immersive experience VR promises.
That’s the insight behind a slick projector called Immersis that demonstrates the panoramic power of VR en masse.

Youtube has made some changes!
Fresh off the news that Google are potentially cutting YouTube stars' ability to monetise their content through in-video ads without Google taking a cut, it was reported today that the internet video service is to start selling a YouTube subscription that will allow users to cut ads out entirely.
Ben Quinn, writing in the Guardian, reports that: "YouTube is “fine-tuning the experience”, according to Robert Kyncl, the online video service’s head of content and business operations, speaking at the Code/Media conference in California. Kyncl added that a subscription offering was important to YouTube because some viewers did not wish to sit through advertisements."

Linkedin in arabic

We are happy to announce that LinkedIn is now available in Arabic! With more than 347 million members worldwide including 14 million in the Middle East and North Africa, we’re the world’s largest professional network where you can exchange information, ideas, and opportunities.

Thank you for being a part of LinkedIn!

LinkedIn, Middle East and North Africa

VLC adding Chromecast support

Twitter is back on Google!

Tweets Will Now Be Searchable on Google

More than 60 percent of all Internet users opt to use Google for a search engine compared to less than 10 percent of users who opt to use Bing. This became problematic when Twitter and Google discontinued their relationship in 2011 to show Twitter posts in Google searches. This practice, of not indexing tweets prevented many users from getting “live” tweets in their searches, unless they elected to use Bing. This is about to change.

Rebuilding agreement between giants

Beginning in the first half of 2015, Twitter has now reached an agreement with Google to have tweets automatically indexed versus having them go through the manual indexing process they have been using since the agreement between the two Internet giants failed to renew their agreement in 2011.

The numbers matter

Twitter has more than 248 million active users who send out thousands of bits of information hourly in 140 character bites known as micro-blogging. The social media network has worked hard to establish themselves as a social media giant and to learn more effective ways of monetizing the information their users share. With this agreement, both Internet giants benefit in significant ways:

For Google – Google benefits from this agreement simply because it improves their overalls search engine performance. Having immediate access to tweets sent out by users allows them to provide real-time data about what people are talking about. Anyone who has any doubt about how powerful this could be should keep in mind that during the recent Super Bowl, more than 28 million tweets were generated. Clearly for Google, having access to this information at the same time it is posted means better results.

For Twitter – a number of faithful users jumped ship with a disastrous rollout of the iOS8 integration, costing the micro-blogging platform nearly 4 million faithful users. The benefit for Twitter with this new agreement with Google is it gives them nearly immediate access to thousands of potential new users on a daily basis. Not only that but many believe this will also encourage those current Twitter account holders to log into their accounts more frequently which can only be a positive move for Twitter.

What does this mean for users?

For those who use Twitter regularly this new agreement offers an opportunity to get more users reading their tweets. For many, this means an opportunity to sell their products and services to an increasingly large marketplace. Before mid-year, those who are searching for specific information on Google will also be able to get the latest tweets that relate to their search. It is currently being reported that this deal goes into effect nearly immediately and that we should start seeing live tweets in our Google searches before the middle of 2015. For bloggers and others, this could also mean an increase in website and blog traffic as more people who share these sites on Twitter will now have them shared by Google as well.

This new agreement is good news for many, and provides a number of new opportunities for these two Internet companies as well as for the users of both services. Users will now have broader access to more real time information provided by Twitter users. While the terms of the overall deal have not been disclosed publicly, there is little doubt that this will be a welcome development for the company as well as for users of both platforms.