Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Meeting Call-in January 28, 2015

Meetings, does anyone actually like them?

Ever been to a meeting that made you think there has to be a better way to share information?

It is often hard to believe that people who can be so powerful, maybe even smart, can be so bad at bringing a group of people together to talk shop.

Ellie Bingham and I sat down and asked you to tell us your meeting stories.

So the question has to be why are meetings not working?

Here is the entire show for you to ponder with friends and family and maybe you want to send a copy of this show to your boss.

It is always interesting to hear from those tuning in, a look at some of the SMS traffic.

If a meeting more than an hour, it is a workshop. Charing a meeting should be rotated not only for leaders  Ahmed awad

My weekly department meeting is quick and efficient.  But unfortunately that is the only one in me company that is. People arrive late.  They don't respond to meeting requests. If there is an agenda,  no one sticks to it. My dad (following parkinsons law) always says that every meeting should have (as a minimum) a chairman and a scribe.

Can people have courtesy to accept/decline the request &then bother to be on time. The time stated is the start not arrival time. Courtesy & punctuality. Danni

P.s. i recommend parkinsons law to anyone who os serious about management and meeting management
Nicer the food treats, bigger the bombshell! Dunkin donuts = bad news. Gary

Here is a look at some of the sites we used to prep for the show.

7 rules for effective meetings

Stand up meetings

Steve Jobs Example!

This is a great bit on 7 mistakes!

Drop us an email and share your story we will mention you at the start of the show next week.

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