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Doctalk January 6, 2015

This is the show where I can trot out all the aches and pains and talk to the doctors for an hour about them! Well as a rule we get a handful of SMS messages and callers and we talk about them but I try!

The doctors join me for simply great conversation.

Dr Shereen Habib, Well Woman Clinic

Dr Sean Petherbridge Keith Nicholl Medical Centre

Here is what we set out to speak about this week.

In the Office

-virus season
Do we have all we need?

Flu at epidemic levels!

Testicular masses
What is Whooping cough?  Anything to do with mr Whooper from Sesame Street?

signs of food poisoning?

Interesting article on Cancer.

Like most weeks we get sidelined by the SMS messages. And these are useful to follow along with as you listen to the podcast to come later in this post.

Mark asks, too late to get flu shot? Thanks. Great show

Does a Flu vaccine really help. I get a throat infection 3 yearly and always take zinnat. I tried many times to avoid antibiotic didn't work.  Thanks Saleh

Hi! Oops!  cabin crew Sick leave rate is high! Cheers anna

I take a teaspoon of high quality authentic honey (from Yemen or Manuke from Asia Pacific) and my flu rate went down from 5 times a year to once a year on average.

Not sure if you can help but I have 3 problems 1. A dentist told me I have a tumour and an abscess in my mouth? Where can I got for a second opinion ? 2. I've put my back out I'm overweight so this could be the reason again where can I go? 3. I have been really down of late is there anyone you can suggest . Anthony

Hi. Great show. I normally get red spots down my legs after a sore throat. This is usually followed by blood in my urine. I have been told by doctors that that is just vasculitis and that it will heal on its own. After 4 months of visits to the doctors I am still confused. Need advice? Syed Ali.

Honey is one of things mentioned in the Holy Quran which provides cure and health

You can tell if Honey has sugar mixed in after leaving it out for a few days. I shared the text earlier about the honey. I forgot to mention my name. Imad.

I've read that you must eat honey made by bees from local plants if you have a cold. Cheers Gavin

Great programming James! S Jodha

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