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CarTalk January 12th

Who doesn't like to have a conversation about what is hot and what is not on the road?

Now imagine you are in one of the best locations on the planet to see and drive economy to exotics?

And now imagine you get to sit down with the boys from MotoringME on a weekly basis, I am a lucky guy.

This week we had a list of good intentions.

Here is what we ended up with.

The show notes were awesome as always.

Maybe we can hist some of the notes next week!

Impti in Iceland in a snowstorm! See Facebook!

Fiat 500 595000

2015 toureg worth it?

Mitsubishi offers 85900 for a Pajero!

-the Mazda 2, lovely!

Suzuki Ertiga 49900 7 seats!
Suzuki say that Ertiga creates a new segment they call ‘Life Utility Vehicle’.
It competes with the Toyota Innova, Mahindra Xylo, Tata Sumo Grande, Toyota Avanza and Nissan Grand Livina. This car is powered by K-series 1.4 litre petrol engine. A diesel version of this car is powered by Fiat's 1.3 litre Multijet engine. The car is based on extended Suzuki Swift platform. This means that the Ertiga is a monocoque MPV; the first in India. It is also considered to be a cross between a saloon/hatchback and an MPV. It has beaten the long-reigningToyota Innova.This is said that "ERTIGA" is first "muv in world.
The Ertiga is said to be the production version of the R-III (R3) concept showcased by MSIL at the Indian Automobile Exposition 2010. Moreover the name Ertiga is said be an adaptation of R-Tiga where "Tiga" means "three" in Indonesian. The "R" stands for Rows. Therefore "Ertiga" is derived from "R3" which in turn means "(Swift with) Three Rows".

Toyota Innova?


The first round of the Yas Super Street Challenge kicked off to a wheel-spinning start as 91 drivers faced off on the circuit’s drag strip

Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, January 11, 2015: Yas Marina Circuit echoed to the sound of street racers this weekend, as the first round in the Yas Super Street Challenge got the series well and truly underway.

Throughout Thursday and Friday, more than 90 drivers from the UAE lined up in their own cars to battle for the title ‘King of the Street’ across five distinct categories – ‘4x4 Super Street SUV’; ‘Index 11.5’; ‘Index 10.5’; ‘Super Street’ and ‘Super Street – Open Category’ – on the circuit’s purpose-built drag racing strip.

During each of the four rounds in the series, cash prizes for first (15,000 AED), second (10,000 AED) and third place (5,000 AED) are on offer to the top three racers in each category.

The two-day first round programme of qualifying and races produced some real edge-of-the-seat action, and spectators were treated to the smell of burning rubber and the roar of engines that only this gritty and exciting form of motorsport can produce.

After a day of tightly fought competition, the ‘Super Street Open Category’ was won by Ali Al Suwaidi, who walked off with the top prize of 15,000 AED. He pipped Mohammad Al Ghafli into second place and the 10,000 AED purse, with Waleed Saleh claiming third place and 5,000 AED cash.

The category of ‘Super Street’ was also closely contested, but Waleed Al Hosani clinched first place, with second and third place awarded to Khaled Al Thani and Alaa Al Hammou, respectively.

The precision challenge demanded by the ‘Index 10.5’ category saw Salah Al Amoudi edge ahead of Fadi Tamour to win, with Saeed Mubarak following closely in third, and the ‘Index 11.5’ category top prize was awarded to Marei Al Katheeri, with Khalifa Al Mouhairbi and Ahmed Husain claiming second and third.

The final category, proving very popular with the fans, was the ‘4x4 Super Street SUV’ category. Saif Al Kaabi beat all comers to finish first, as Salim Mubarak and Salah Al Amoudi’s run timings placed them in second and third.

Speaking at the event, Saud Al Qaydi, Motorsport Manager at Yas Marina Circuit, said: “This was a fantastic addition to our racing calendar, and an excellent way to kick off the first round of this exciting new series.

“Street racing is extremely popular among the UAE’s youth and we are delighted to be able to facilitate such a grassroots and fun event. During the next three rounds of the competition, the action won’t stop as our drivers compete for the overall series title of ‘King of the Street’. If you love raw racing thrills, make sure you don’t miss out!”

And here is a little look at what came in via the SMS line!

We see all make of cars starting from kia to bugati on dubai roads, never seen a Pugani.

Hi guys. You may remember I wrote a week or so ago regarding a friend of mine who was in a bad smash, totally the other guys fault, fault admitted, she then has endured the cost of hire vehicles while he walks away Scott free. IT HAPPENED ON OCT 23rd. The vehicle is still not ready due to parts not available. She wanted it written off but transpired its repairable. Is there a car consumer complaints division/ministry/whatever that she can claim expenses from? IT IS TOTALLY UNFAIR SHE GETS HIT AND IS OUT IF POCKET THOUSANDS OF DIRHAMS FOR HIRE CARS and he walks away?????? Cheers. Don

What's the top 3 reliable luxury SUVs that you can thank of, that suits the UAE the most !

My Tahoe 4x4 has 240,000, will need to change soon as I use it for work and have to drive a lot, occasionally off road, I'm also mum of 4 kids which sometimes invite friends over from school so I have at some point made use of the 9th sit in the front road. Which car would you recommend for me to look into to replace my Tahoe. Cristina

I have an X5 4.3 and want to change my var, but to what. Harry

I believe complaints about insurance companies are not handled by consumer protection. Insurance Authority deals with those. 

My wife is weighing up a evoque vs Porsche macan.  Any advice?

Can you do a swot on Mazda cx9. Your thoughts ? J zacharia

Thanks guys. Do you mean approach HIS COMPANY (the guy to blame) or my friends?? Don

Hi . I am in the market . Can't make mind up . Patrol top of the range or qx80.  Mustapha

Hey guys, Ariel Nomad just been announced, thoughts? How soon do you recon I can get one in Dubai? Chris

Why car companies now making lighter cars

Which company has the best after sales service. Currently have a Hyundai Santa Fe and the service is terrible. Owned a Nissan and Honda, Honda was the best. I need to change my car, one which take 3 car seats across the back, ideally with isofix  - any recommendations?

Thanks good advice. She has tested the evoque but we'll go test the cayenne too now! 
The T stands for threats

How is the Mitsubishi cars quality. Faisal


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