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TechTalk December 8

Andrew Thomas from is in the house and as usual we have a great conversation about the wild world of technology!

The podcast is informative and entertaining, as always!

But this is what you really want to take a look at, the show notes and links!

This is what was on the list.


Uber @7’s

Abu Dhabi Taxi- app with GPS

OK we don’t get this here but it is a good look at the music streaming worlds changing face.

Pandora relaunched its Android and iOS apps with a lighter and cleaner UI Tuesday that also makes it easier to personalize your radio experience: The new version comes with a dedicated personalization button that lets you quickly access a station’s history, allowing you to browse through past tracks or add additional artists or songs to the influences for a station’s mix.
In addition to the personalization features, Pandora also gave its apps a visual refresh. Gone are the heavy blue title bars at the top of the app and big, obnoxious social sharing buttons. Instead, the apps now feature a lot of whitespace, more subtle grey buttons and an animated equalizer instead of the simple play button to access your current station from anywhere within the app.

google inbox, been playing with it for a few days and i love it

this is a story of 2 apps that help with depression.

A tweet powered radio station in India?
The company serves up “millions” of Indian music tracks and international hits, offering a Spotify-style choice of an ad-supported free version or a subscription-based, ad-free model. It launched its radio mode one year ago, and now it is taking requests from users who tweet to the @SaavnRadio account.
The station will also mix in tracks that Saavn users are sharing to Twitter from the service, although the company said specific requests will be prioritized over social shares.
Saavn Co-Founder and CEO Rishi Malhotra told TechCrunch in an interview that the radio feature already accounts for over half of all activity on the service and, since a large number of users are already active on Twitter, the union was a no-brainer for him.

gif app


Who comes up with these ideas?
This one slice's objective is to be toasted, right?
​The bread's sole purpose is to become toast. Now, that's pretty straightforward in a kitchen, but not so in a bedroom or toilet. Our yeasty hero will have to find a way to satisfy its (literally) burning desires in different scenarios, all the while unaware of the havoc it's causing in its pursuit.

speaking of crazy ideas, imagine being able to shoot fireballs from your write, new product on the market

A nice look at why foursquare split into to and the process!

uber is worth alot of money, just a great service though

How we are used by tech companies

How many ads are seen and how it is measured by Google interesting!


Google for the under 12 set!

There is a chrome show! Really?

News of more Chromebooks than iPads sold to U.S. schools in the third quarter isn’t terribly surprising; we’ve noted the trend several times this year. With tight budgets and lower-cost computers that meet most needs in the classroom, Chromebooks are a good choice. So too are iPads but they don’t have a keyboard, which could have some impact as well due to Common Core education standards being adopted by states.
We chat about that as well as Google’s Android app strategy on Chrome OS, plus a handy hidden feature in Chrome for Android on this week’s podcast.

I love the Amazon idea! Robots to the warehouse!

When you hit the “buy” button on that Amazon Cyber Monday deal, it could be a robot that pulls it out of the warehouse. Amazon released a video Sunday that shows its 15,000 Kiva robots at work, and it’s pretty neat to see how the whole system comes together.

we’ve spoken about beacons, this is the new mesh beacon

filters on twitter

This is a book I want!

No surprise mobile shoppers prefer phones over sales people!

Great Android 5 tip!

Google and mobile web!


apple users beware! You are locking into your IOS

Great advice from an apple designer!
-fake it till you make it
-design doesn’t change

This is just cool and you love coffee

Cool image sales idea

1st computer ordered pizza


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