Sunday, November 02, 2014

GetFitRadio October 28

I was joined by Zelda Higgins the Recreation Coordinator at Zayed University to talk fitness.

Here is the podcast.

And here are the show notes.

Dubai Eye tri team!
Zahra, Adnan and yours truly!

What is going on in the gym?

spinning is full! Women are loving it
mixed zumba is hanging in the air
yoga is running

Cancer walk

  1. your pick of pre workout exercises
  2. had a question about cramping while riding the exercise bike, cramps in abdomen any suggestions
  3. thoughts on energy drinks and such
  4. any exercise suggestions for lower back exercises for the desk bound?
  5. how to use a dumbbell or water bottle for exercise

  1. 10 minute ab workouts do they work?
  2. does fashion get in the way in the gym?

food scores web service cool idea

Better memory with chocolate!

Hydration to not hit the wall

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