Friday, November 28, 2014

GetFitRadio November 25

Zelda Higgins joins me from Zayed University to talk fitness.

You can find Zelda at

The podcast.

Here is what we spoke about.

quieting down in the gym.

my running

Caffiene! Beware.

10 things to stop doing to not put on weight!

10 foods to have in the house

Those fitness trackers may be up to no good!

does exercise make us smarter?

weights or machines what do you recommend?

best time to exercise?

why do some men lose weight faster than women
functional training what about rope climbing
Zeldas List of food

How to survive the holidays and temtation

Because now a bit of a rope climbing renaissance is beginning.Functional training has become a buzzword in the fitness community, meaning that instead of using a gym machine to focus on specific muscles, often in an unnatural posture, you use basic equipment and activities that translate to normal life, growing your strength in a way that works outside the gym. It is particularly good for building up core strength.
Rope climbing has been adopted by the functional fitness community as it fits perfectly into that ethos. All you need is a rope and a crash mat.

20 fitness trends for 2015
Meanwhile, Zumba and Pilates continue their steady decline, both falling completely off ACSM’s top 20 roster, skimming the bottom of the survey’s nearly 40 tracked trends. The top 20 for 2015:
1. Body weight training
2. High-intensity interval training
3. Educated and experienced fitness
4. Strength training
5. Personal training
6. Exercise and weight loss
7. Yoga
8. Fitness programs for older adults
9. Functional fitness
10. Group personal training
11. Worksite health promotion
12. Outdoor activities
13. Wellness coaching
14. Circuit training
15. Core training
16. Sport-specific training
17. Exercise programs for the treatment/prevention of childhood obesity
18. Outcome measurements
19. Worker incentive programs
20. Boot camp

Toxins in toothpaste and other things

3 ways (3 things) to really lose weight!

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