Friday, November 21, 2014

GetFitRadio November 18

Zelda Higgins the recreation coordinator at Zayed University joins me to talk about your fitness and wellbeing.

You can email Zelda at

Here is what we spoke about.

Academic Bridge Program

Moving and having fun!
10 activities in the hall!
Mini golf
table tennis

Yoga apps!

we dont always need a gym!


Exercises if pregnant pre and post natal

PE at schools are we doing enough?

How do I get my girls, teens to exercise they are too busy thinking about how they look and don’t want to chance bulking up and seem to think they will never put on a few kilos they are teens!

Badminton, seems popular but is it good exercise?

Kidney, heart, brains see them in the supermarket, parents were right into them is there any reason to eat these from a healthy diet perspective?

How much coconut oil should we consume daily?

Lower back issues a good ballet video!

And this is the podcast.

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