Thursday, September 25, 2014

JukeBox September 24

It is the indie music Jukebox show with Paul Kelly from and we are playing some of the coolest music from the Middle East!

Here is the podcast.

And here is the running order for the show!

Josh Monteath Music
Josh Monteath is a singer/songwriter with a sound best described as “new age folk with a touch of blues”.
Monteath’s lyrics, like most songwriters’, are derived from his own life and experiences using the golden rule that to be able to write well, one must write what one knows. In Monteath’s case, he writes about the people around him, little things we do, that girl, and what inspires him whether it be good or bad. More than anything, Monteath enjoys sharing his music and stories and hopes that people find their own way of relating to it.
In November 2013, Josh Monteath reappeared on the Dubai music scene and has since then become a memorable and regular performer at events by the grassroots music initiative “Freshly Ground Sounds” and “The Fridge”…and you can be sure to see a lot more of him.
The Josh Monteath Music is not just a solo act anymore, but a band.
The band now consists of Theofan Mahmuti, Bimbo Bimsdrumz Durojaye, Raz Moussa and his brother, Jaxx Sheldon Monteath.

White Cube ShoutOut - Josh (What's Done Is Done)

Kamal Mussallam - Akhayel Broug.mp3

Kamal Mussallam - Out Of My City

Mother Mantra Lebanon- I’m Ok

Zahed Sultan Kuwait-Ghazi


Shehab Kasseb - Just You and Me-1

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