Monday, June 16, 2014

June 15 FIFA Call-in.

The question was very simple, what if FIFA and the World Cup is simply not your thing?

Here are some of the notes we used to start the conversations.

World Cup should you fake being a fan?

The Podcast as usual had some fantastic interactions.

And here is a little more of what came in on the SMS line.

I have to agree with you Dr. James. I am completely a non-fifa world cup person, I cannot stand people discussing football in my office or home & in my company they are doing a whole fifa world cup group thing going on where they are assigned a group which is annoying to me but I have to use my position to quiet everyone discussing football @ work

 Its an equivalent to Super bowl in the USA
Fav team: Germany

But I have to ignore it @ times & let them have their moment. I was prepared in advance to completely feel alienated until the end of world cup but honestly in this country it cannot be ignored

the World Cup is a great time to build connections within the workforce weather it's through office activities or just discussing yesterday's match, I would tell those who do not know much about football or are not into it to use this as a time to get to know the sport and more important a way to connectand build relations with people you usually don't connect with...

It's sounds cliched but what else transcends social and national barriers all over the globe like the World Cup? This positive perspective will help nonfans cope. Thanks Joel

Its actually a good way to prepare for the Ramadan timings

Dear go to ground and try it you will start loving it ... Football is really a fitness coach
Thanks ,

Good evening Dr. James. It is not only fifa world cup people go crazy for cricket and many such sports. I think there has been a tremendous increase  innon productive entertainment. Playing football is good. But being obsessed of watching it isn't . Zeeshan 

James I have another suggestion, adopt the team of someone dear to you and share in their amusement and happiness/heartache. Before you know it you'll be hooked. Joel

The way I see it. If I am not playing it, I don't watch it.
An easy coping strategy for some would be to just spend a few minutes watching the highlights. You would see the best moments and not feel left out if your in a certain situation.

Dude in Rome do as the Romans do so start cherishing football - faraz

Hi. If you are not into football, I would be more than happy to invite to supporting Iran team and join Iranian girl club:) Asra

I don't want to be a spoilsport, I am a football fan. But knowing that there a so many people in an other part of the world who are dying due to war, millions hungry in an other. It raises  questions on the money being spent. Are we selfish?

No we don't but you are speaking from a Canadian pivotal point not a general multicultural point. Only you or a minute segment of people know what NCAAmeans !!!
Do you know what AMA means ? No so speak to the masses in a grammar that we all understand. And my sister doesn't like football so what. If your a poor kid in Nigeria or Algeria that has a ball of newspaper that can kick around then that's the  essenes of the sport. Go figure ! And then they look up to their footballing heros. Get my point ?

Learning a few words from each nation playing is a awesome idea too

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