Thursday, June 05, 2014

Callin what to what not to wear. June 4

We had a great call-in about what is and what is not appropriate to wear in public.

Here is some of what came through the SMS.

I saw a woman in a shop in jumeirah wearing tanga swimsuit with a transparent wrap over it, I approached her and told her it was illegal, she could get in trouble, she told me to mind my business. Cristina 

Everyone arrives by plane, why not introduce guidelines in airline information videos or in immigration

Whatever is the apprippriaty level we do not need to bring the religion factorVrej

It should be embeded in the family values of a person without considering religion 
Info should start from airport , hotel should educate guests embassy should publish Dos and don't 

Dress codes are enforced even in USA, the United Kingdom etc

Its unbelievable the way even mothers dress down when coming to pick up their children from school. Modesty is an innate part of human nature. It shdnt be blamed on culture or a particular country or nation !!!! The authorities shd step up n do smthing.puting posters in malls is not enuf.
There are bigger problems with societies than what people are wearing. As along as they are not strutting around naked and terrorizing people with Thierprivate parts then I think we the "viewers " should stop looking .

It bothers me the women that go out running on the street with tops showing  the abdomen and Lycra shorts when there are workers like gardeners that haven't seen their wives for years, it's just having little respect for others.

I've been here 18yrs & it seems to be getting worse. They should be like Thai temples etc where if you're not appropriately dressed they give you a pashmina to wrap round legs or shoulders. Malls could do that recharge 50dhs or something to cover clear ing & as a deposit then people get it back when leave. All malls say knees & shoulders should be covered, so easy to do (& most places are WAY too cold for hot pants!!) id hate my children (twins only 21mths so a while to go now!) to dress like some Expat families. Hannah

Dr. In my mind it is just simple common sense. Thanks. Mark I wouldn't go drop my kids to school in tank top lycras at home, half of mothers do so here. And then you see them in the coffe shop afterward/mall afterward so is not even lack of time to be able to go exercise is plain disrespect. Cris
Here are some of the articles we spoke about.

Decency is a global issue!

Montreal school dress code.

And here is the podcast!

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