Thursday, May 22, 2014

Call-in May 21 rent

We had a very spirited conversation on Nightline about rent in Dubai and the UAE in general.

Here is a sample of what came in to the SMS.

The question is not if "anyone is listening" . The question is: does anyone care??!! Elena H.

For Landlord "the sky is the limit" 
For the tenant "the country border is the limit"

Start re-engineering your life and career to start a trek to life and financial success. Then you can slowly and gradually be financially free from rentraises. Omar

Just to give a bit of balance, I am so fortunate to be a part of the small and probably mostly silent minority who is a tenant of one of the big playersin the real estate environment who has not increased my rent. I am renewing for the fourth year without increase. I have neighbours who have had no increase for 5! New leases obviously reflect new rates,  but my wonderful landlord looks after existing tenants. Donald

My wife and I are looking to move to RAK and I will commute to dubai due to rental and school fees.  100k rent in dubai land plus 70k school for 2 boys under 6 is killing us slowly.  If only wages were increasing to keep in line.  In RAK a 4 bed villa can be rented for 50k and school fees are 20k for two.  I commuted 1.5 hours in UK so no issues.  


12 cheques would help..!

I dont get it there are clear and enforceable rules in dubai on rent increases.

Hi. Rent is big issue . I moved to Sharjah . Now must be super organized and wake up 5am to leave to Dubai by 5-30 am. It takes only 30 min this at this time. 

On the flip side of my previous text, I have a friend who rented on Business Bay while it was almost completely undeveloped. The landlord is evicting the tenants of the entire tower so that they can re-lease at a 70% higher Rental.  If the eviction process is legal, Rera can do nothing. DONALD

My rental renewal is coming up next month and I have decided to pay my rent in court. 
Cheers,  Iqbal

I don't know y peple complain in sharjh, Shj municiplty limits the increase for 3 yrs.

My experience is that rera is quite reasonable. The rules are tight in what a landlord actually can do. If you renew ans your landlord is un-reasonable go to rera. Best regards alex
\Rents in dxb. Some things are legal but just plain wrong. James you have some guts showcasing this event. Kudos to you.

Abdul has a point. I agree 100%. Thanks. Naveed

Launching next week is a website called This website will help deal with property rights for both landlords and tenants with regards to tenancy contracts, rental rights and price increases. This service should help everyone understand their rights better. Tobias

Fairmont residences palm- tenants have been going through the mill for past 12mths. Asked to leave as Russian / the stans! owners say coming to live in apts but all become vacant to rent to holiday makers. Most empty much of the time and now till sept. 15 left one mth ago as latest .Tenants left to fightfor themselves and have to go to  rera but already not much happens unless go to court. Time the housing tax was also cancelled as who can afford it . An extra 10000 aed a year for us. 160 already rent plus 5% plus 4800 palm utilities - 170000pa without living!  Tax needs to stop and something need to bedown re above plus increases. Thx. Sarah

Here are a few of the articles we looked at.

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