Thursday, April 17, 2014

Work/Life Balance April 16

How well are you balancing work and your life?

I work from home, see I balance my life the best, I work when get time from other things, Shyam

 Abt life / work balance: it's about making priorities. You cannot Do everything. 

I usd to work in s company 9 to 19...and was often leaving at 8. So many night I would go home and fall asleep with my suit on... 
I got fed up. Thinking that company doesn't even think of its employee wellness. I resigned. 
Now i work 8 to 5 and leave at 5 sharp. I can finally see the sun and enjoying my evenings! 

Basically I don't have a work life balance! Busy season for auditors... Means 14 hr days everyday! Hardly anytime to sleep! And yes I do live in sharjah too! Hardly got time to sleep either. It's as if u are talking abt me! 

Am wilson katende, my worklife balance is totally bad. Fulltime i cant balance my life at any point. Doctor am young 23 now but am thinking of quiting this job.

I believe we need to identify what we need in our life and prioritize. It's difficult to achieve everything on ad- hock basis 

The other day there was a talk about productivity at work . It seems people waste a lot of working time.. So why we are surprised work wastes some of our personal time ? 

Hi Doctor, great show as always,
Work Life Balance:
I always get to work Early, so I can finish ealry.The evening  before i leave the office, i write a 'To do list' for the next day, so when I came in the Morning, i do not spend the first Hour wondering "what I have to do today"
Family Time:
Every Fridayis Family day.
Each Family member, in turn, decides what we will ALL do together as a Family. i.e. movie, pizza, bowling, etc. etc
Also no Mobiles on Friday, just "Prime Time" with the Family.
That's my recipe for a Peaceful and Productive life.
Kind rdgs Sunil.

Work smart not long! Difference between busyness vs business. If you are available through email and phone then try not be only office based. Dan

To a certain extent prioeitising o's important. We can take a lot more than we think, I have come to realise that now.

Let me know if I can grab the tickets! I have all my nephew and niece  coming to dubai up to may 5th! I would love to take them all to watch spiderman in English! 

I think work life balance involves taking care of your extracurricular activities... Sports, yoga, reading, watching Spiderman 2... etc. ;) Once your personal life is clear your work life will skyrocket as well!

We are always preparing to live, Never dad used to say. He worked for 51 years and he passed away after only a year of retirement.

I love my job. I work 10 to 11 hours a day regularly. I enjoy working and I don't mind it at all. But the only thing I miss is the quality time with my wife and daughter.

What is a work-life balance? Isn't work part of life?

 prioritize life, animals and insects do it best. In life there are a lot of compromises that need to be made but its your choice and your priority that will finally dictate satisfaction and hapyness. A bachelor with no family in Dubai would have different priority than a person with the whole family. Ross 

Some say work is worship but in my opinion work place is a warship!

My work life balance is ZERO. I work 8am to 8, 9,10 pm on daily bases. Sometimes I sleep over to meet up with deadlines ( like today). I fear the worse ! Thanks

I like having the distraction of planning holidays with loved ones. Joel

Hi James,
I ran into frustrations from work+school (MBA)+new baby. I hit rock bottom.
This is my first week after a month and half off work - new job!
This is what I learned!
1. Family love - embrace them wholeheartedly.
2. Time out - I take some time off work, even 30 minutes. Take a lunch break.
3. I play blocks with the baby - after a long day! Identifying the small thing that make you laugh. I smile when she shouts 'papa lets play blocks!
4. Physicalexercise - every Friday morning, we run 7 to 10km. Refreshing! 
Its tough but a smile keeps us moving!

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