Tuesday, March 11, 2014

TechTalk March 10 the Notes

Here it is the must have techtalk of the week with Andrew Thomas from www.digitalnexa.com.

App of the week

Getty Images!

We all need this!

Meet Robotiky, the two-wheeled robot toy that teaches people young and old how to program.
Robotiky -- described as "Scratch meets Lego Mindstorms" -- is made up of a handful of components, including wheels, a battery pack, a microprocessor, light sensors and a "line following sensor". These all clip together using magnets. This is accompanied by online tutorials and games that allow someone with zero programming knowledge to learn how to code.

SXSW takes it a step further with a computer controlled food truck when it comes to the food!

This is a cool example ot tech journalism, the old school is using the new tools!
filming docs for facebook with the phone!

Apple and the car, will it be a game changer or is it too niche? Thinking all the android out there.
Car stuff… so many tablets I can see this working

This is interesting you use flipboard!

The market we all want to tap!
Today's teens are at the center of a massive turf war that's roiling the tech industry. The question is: why? What's so important about this age group and, perhaps more importantly, what are new emerging tech companies doing to lure them away?

This seems a bit henky

Yahoo has a strategy for making money on smartphones: The company is reportedly rolling out ads which prompt users to download other apps across its mobile properties.
Mobile app-install ads are an increasingly popular way of making money off of mobile websites and apps. They typically appear in streams of content and help drive downloads to mobile applications. For instance, if you’re playing an online sudoku game, you might see an advertisement to download another game which directs you to purchase it in an app store. In most deals, publishers get paid for every download they drive.

Kickstarter rocks!
On March 3, 2014, Kickstarter passed $1 BILLION in pledges.
That’s $1,000,000,000 pledged by 5.7 million people to creative projects.

can whatsapp stay true?
WhatsApp’s motto is: No ads, no games, no gimmicks.

OK Tetrus and a buisness card all in one! We need it.
Business cards already seem pretty retro in the world of modern networking, but here's one that manages to be both cutting-edge and vintage at the same time.
Portland-based photographer Kevin Bates made a business card for himself that is also a playable Tetris game. Bates calls his creation the Arduboy, since it's a Game Boy clone built on a stripped-down Arduino board that only has room for the essentials: a four-direction digital control pad, two buttons and a tiny OLED screen.

Love this look at what a Google Economist does, cool really.
I'm the Chief Economist at Google, so I believe I am uniquely qualified to answer this question.

I joined the company in 2002 and initially worked on the economics of the AdWords auction.  Since then, I have worked on many other auction design problems including the AdSense auction, the IPO auction, ad exchange auctions, spectrum auctions, and top-level domain auctions.  You can see some of this work here.  

This is reason to be worried isn’t it?
In a move that will dramatically expand the universe of consumer conversations Madison Avenue listens in on, a leading ad industry social media platform is teaming up with a company that drills far more deeply into the ways consumers communicate with -- and about -- brands, mining everything from the transcripts of customer call centers to “live chats” to a variety of previously “unstructured and free-form insights” that have historically been used by marketers only to manage customer feedback and support.

At what point is too much information being shared?

being anonymous is a commodity now!

This is interesting!

Prankstr: With 50 million prank videos on YouTube, Mondelez identified an emerging opportunity to provide consumers with a tool to help them craft funny content. After users customize a selected prank and post it on their social channels, Prankstr aggregates the reactions into a video that can be shared with friends.
"With Prankstr, we're merging two of the fastest-growing trends on the Internet: prank-based videos and content creation tools," said Mondelez senior associate brand manager Lauren Fleischer.  
*Betabox: This platform enables brands to target consumers by inserting samples into the outgoing boxes of compatible e-commerce companies with marketing material that encourages recipients to use their phones to engage further with the sampling brand.
Mondelez senior associate brand manager Hadley Schafer says that Betabox is designed to enable product sampling "with more accurate targeting, cost-effective distribution and better program analytics than traditional methods," and provide "a new and unique way for consumers to easily interact with brands via mobile."

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