Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20 TechTalk

Well this has to be one of the most informative hours of radio on the planet, yes the planet and maybe beyond.

Andrew Thomas of joins me to talk tech.

Here is the podcast you be the judge.

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Here are the show notes and links.

App of the week

Ski tracks - buddy of mine just got back from aspen and they are all using this app, works offline, very very cool

StoreHouse ipad App- way cool will be using it with my MediaWriting2 students next semester
In essence, Storehouse is a way to read and tell visually driven stories--what might happen if you crossed Medium with The Big Picture. You can import images from your photo library, Dropbox, Flickr, or Instagram, then easily drag and pinch them into a gorgeous layout, peppered with as much written narrative as you’d like. On the flipside, if you just feel like exploring other people’s work, you can swipe through a simple feed of stories that you might want to read.

Google contact lenses, very different from google glass though.
The idea isn't new, so don't race to applaud Google just yet. Researchers have been kicking around various ways to implement contact lens-based glucose monitoring for years; methods that include a biofuel cell that runs on tears and glucose level fluctuation via fluorescence. Google's taking a similar approach with its smart contact lenses, only with LEDs in place of fluorescence to alert wearers. Yes, that means diabetics could be walking around with color-changing contacts in their eyes, just not in the way you or Lil' Kim would necessarily want.

New Canadian invention


New Facebook trending

The Nintendo wii u has flopped - back to the drawing board
This is crazy!

Forward thinking again from the amazon boys. Ship before you buy?
Looking forward to buying the next season of Game of Thrones on Blu-ray? Amazon may already be preparing to send it to you. The retail giant is working on an idea it calls "anticipatory shipping" as a way to reduce package transit times. It's everything the name implies -- according to a December patent, the system will send items out before they are ordered. That doesn't mean you'll start receiving unannounced packages fromSeattle, however: the patent's examples illustrate a speculative shipment system that deploys goods to specific geographical areas. If a customer in that area places an order that matches a nearby package, it would then be redirected to its final destination. Sure, our next box-set might not land with the fanfare of a drone delivery, but anything that gets us our R.R. Martin fix sooner is certainly a good thing.

Very creepy, face off time!
FaceSubstitute is a tech demo that lets you use your webcam to try on someone else’s face (god, that was a weird sentence to type), and it’s just as creepy/awesome as it sounds. Want to be Walter White? Sure! Want to be a terrfying pseudo-Kardashian? Okay! Want to be Bieber for a day? No problem, weirdo!

Microsoft winning the console war
And why WII is failing!

Star Wars crafts spotted in the wild

What a cool thing, NetFlix! And into original content! When will we get access?

Google is Mapping Music! OK this is cool and I have to say I love Google!
It's no surprise that Google has been tracking music uploads, but what's unexpected is exactly what the search giant is doing with all of that info. Interactive maps of music's ongoing journey are charted through Play Music's users' libraries,

Give Your Browser Some Serious Nostalgia With These Emulator Websites

This is simply fun!

More than 750,000 spam emails sent from fridges and TVs

This is a byproduct of a connected world!

More than 750,000 spam emails were sent from more than 100,000 home gadgets between December 23, 2013 and January 6, 2014, including internet routers, televisions and at least one refrigerator which was compromised and used to launch the spam messages.
The emails were typically sent in bursts of 100,000 messages three times a day, targeting both businesses and individuals. More than 25 per cent of the messages were sent by devices that were not conventional computers or mobile devices, and no more than 10 messages were sent from any one IP address.

This is cool!

Beauty, asserts Italian artist and animator Rino Stefano Tagliafierro, is fleeting. And although the art of yesteryear certainly captures it, it's of moments frozen in time, lacking the warmth and humanity of movement.

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In his short film "Beauty," Tagliafierro has taken more than 100 classical paintings, from landscape to romantic to Pre-Raphaelite, and applied his experience in digital animation to bring them to life.

PURE Jongo T2  (115 pounds) 799dhs SharafDG

Connecting the T2 to your router is as simple as holding down the power button, joining its temporary wireless network and then configuring it to connect to your own network. Unlike Sonos, which uses its own proprietary mesh wireless system, you're limited to the areas of your house with wireless coverage. Once synchronised, you must open Pure Connect on an Android or iOS device to stream music. You can add extra Jongo units with a tap of the Wi-Fi button – it will recognise your initial unit and set itself up accordingly.

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