Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wind-Down Wednesday and TechTalk Oct9

Well the Tone Town Sessions are well underway and this week we had a listen to Adonis WOW.

And of course Paul Kelly brought some rocking tunes from the Triplew JukeBox.

And for some fun bits go to SoundCloud.

In hour 2 of the program we had Andrew Thomas from Nexa, joining us to talk tech.

And catch my Libratone complaint!

Here are the notes if you want to dig.

This is the link to the hummingbird algorithm chat.!-

Why Instagram is an issue to consider in business!

This is cool and maybe sad. Online games and junk food!

Yahoo Mail re design!
But with 100 million daily users, Yahoo Mail has long since fallen behind Google’s Gmail, the world’s largest email service, boasting 425 million monthly users. Considering that, and Mayer’s background at Google, perhaps it’s not so surprising the latest version of Yahoo would take on more of the look and feel of Gmail.

Yahoo also capped previously unlimited email storage at 1 terabyte (1,000 gigabytes), which is good for 6000 years of email, according to a Verge report.

Paywall/ time versus money.
Sports Illustrated is testing a paywall that lets readers access its print articles early if they watch a 30-second video ad first.
The provider is Selectable Media, which has been testing consumers’ willingness to watch video ads for free WiFi, music and games. This is its first public test with a major consumer magazine.

Cyber Security Quiz from Media Smart!
Lets do it

Why we need faster computers!
UK users are said to have lost more than 130 hours of their working year waiting, on average, up to 12 minutes for software to load. Even more concerning is that 17pc of those surveyed in the UK admitted to relieving their frustration with physicality, sometimes stamping on or throwing the offending device. German users were most likely to react with aggression, while those in the US and China were least likely to lash out.
The most common cause of these delays in the UK was waiting for files to upload or download followed by slow-loading applications, and little time was wasted waiting for PCs to start up. Close to one-third (30pc) claimed this time spent waiting would put them in a bad mood for the rest of the day, while 29pc said they had lost sleep over it.
Unsurprisingly, this vexing occurrence has now made it into the top 7 most stressful everyday experiences, though it still ranks below being put on hold when on the telephone, going to a medical appointment or waiting for deliveries, which made up the top 3.

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