Thursday, October 03, 2013

Indie Music and Tech

We started off the show listening to some very cool independent music from the middle east. We started the Tone Town sessions with Tim Hassall and also listened to Who Killed Bruce Lee - room for 3- and Jadal.

 In hour 2 it was all about technology! The Libratone Speaker and the HTC One X Mini were both reviewed.
And this is the entire show podcast.

Here are the things we did and did not talk about.


Cool look at everyone's timeline pictures worldwide!

Apple unseats Coke as most popular brand!

Next Microsoft CEO?

Get rid of Gates?

This could really give Samsung a run for the money

Apple could be forced to ditch its latest charger under EU plans to create universal device that charges ALL phones

An EU Parliament Committee has voted to create a standard smartphone charger connector, meaning Apple may be forced to drop its Lightning port connection.

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