Monday, September 02, 2013

Sept 1 TechTalk and Something a bit different

Andrew Thomas joined me to talk tech once again.

Here are the show notes

Andrew Thomas
Managing Director of NEXA

NEXT week Andrew will put the iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Note Tab3 8 inch
-no pen
-lots of refinement on the device with the buttons.

Tabs and kids! Do we need to be pushing digital or to not would be a mistake?
New Samsung

iPhone vs iPad

Do we all have two mobiles? the UAE has the highest mobile phone penetration in the world!

-this is huge really and says a lot about the future of business, education…
-good question is how are business transplants from the list making it in the UAE where it is a hyper connected smartphone society?
-are we educating our PR/adv students to the use of these devices?

Mad vine videos


-do we have that much time?

-tennis cool!
-drawing and real, wow

New rules for fb competitions

Do we want a smartphone watch?

The power of the WEB.
The Telegraph’s website had a feature about a song played from a stuffed toy to comfort fids as the Titanic sank. Now that tune has been identified!

La Sorella, by Charles Borel-Clerc and Louis Gallini. [Telegraph]

That Was Then!
In this episode we go back to 2007 and revisit a conversation about the book series the secret society of dragon protectors. 60,000 sales later and self published book 6 is coming! Here is how it all started.

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