Thursday, December 13, 2012

Here is fastforward with Triplew!

Paul Kelly from brings some great music to the studio.

Here are the show notes.


First part - Red Bull Bedroom Jam

Red Bull Bedroom Jam is a project that helps young bands get out of the bedroom and start making records! Not anywhere but at one of the Red Bull Studio in Madrid.

Talk about the M.E.-wide competition - 117 entries from all over the region, 8 made it through to the second round - 7 are/were from Egypt! Although not surprising due to 80mn people!

Top 8:

  • Ghazy and His Goons
  • Simplexity
  • Blimp (Lebanon)
  • Qrar Ezala
  • Karakeeb
  • Revolution Recordsl
  • Adem El Enhiyaz band

Winners: Portrait Avenue from Egypt (experimental rock)

It all started with a jam....

In 2008, the first two members of the band, Ragy Haddad(Guitarist) and Wadie Nader(Drummer), met and found a musical chemistry as they jammed, so they decided to form "the band"..later on that year, Emad Adel joined the band as its bassist as previously agreed upon with Ragy.

6 months after that collaboration of guitar, bass and drums, they felt they still needed mor
e notes to fill the gaps between their lines, so they all agreed that no one could do it better than Tarek Hussein as the band's keyboardist.

By the end of 2009, they felt like they needed a vocalist to input more energy to the music, Ragy had seen Belal Moh. Ali a couple of times at the studio he used to jam at, he contacted him, and they were surprised he had such harmony with their music even though he was originally a heavy metal vocalist.

Though the vocals and instruments were present, they still needed some flavor to their music, and that's when Ahmed Nasser(the violinist) and Shady Samir(the saxophonist) joined them, only then.... they were portraying the sounds of the avenue.

Their gigs started with a mini concert at Wadie's house, then a Halloween party at Montreal Club, the following year they participated in the Egyptians' Got Talent Battle Of The Bands which they eventually won. And last but not least they were the main event in "Phases" that took place in AAST in 2012.




Then just say 1.5mins each of:

  • Jay Wud (UAE) also called Dubai’s Guitar hero!- has his album out, we played the single “Incomplete Heart” a few months back, this is the title track False Utopia - four-to-the-floor rock from the UAE. Album False Utopia available at Virgin across the region

  • Adonis (Lebanon) - - cool Arabic rock from Lebanon.  "If the rambling back alleys, low-slung electricity cables and small, dusty, bustling neighborhoods of Beirut had a soundtrack, this would be it. Take Adonis by the hand and they'll trace the lines of the city with you." Time Out Beirut.
  • The inspiration of their name comes from the small town of Adonis in Mount Lebanon. For lead singer Anthony Khoury, the dullness of this town gave him inspiration for the songs that he wrote. Or as he describes it:

“I started finding magic in the smallest and most fleeting of details, like a street light under which I had my first kiss, or a rooftop on which my childhood friends and I used to hang out on hot summer nights, or a sidewalk or a water tank or or or…. These things and places became solid anchors around which stories, memories, characters are built and given life. The name Adonis evokes in our local imagery the small town as much as the myth, the dull as much as the magical. And it’s precisely in the flickering boundary between these two, the dull and the magical, the ordinary and the poetic, the common and the sacred, that our music is weaved.”


Song is Fi Zini Ktir (literally “there is a lot of decorations around” christmas song.)

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