Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Magnus and Technology

We talked Apps, we talked Apple, and we had a chance to look at 2 amazing Monster products! And there was OtterBox. This is your tech connection in the UAE. for the show notes.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

EcoVenture UAE Conservation Education
Mathew Cocks and Emma Smart joined me for a conversation about a whole new field lab that has been set up to not only talk but teach about the UAE ecology.

Open Day on Nov 6 send an email to for the details!

Do you Download Music?

Is there a fine line between downloading music and film and stealing it? Nightline got into the conversation with some great celebrity clips.

Indie Music and More

Paul Kelly of joined me for a great conversation about the cultural indistries of the region and how to get the INDIE stuff into our ears!

Business Scared

On Nightline we had a conversation about why some people are entrepreneurs and others are not.

The answer FEAR! And a bit more.

WildPeeta Motivational

Mohammed a cofounder of talks about making your dream happen!

Love the advice on how to get past others saying you will not succeed!

Switch Food

Deem Al Bassam is the 25 year old foodie who has created right here in Dubai.

That is the Switch Restaurant.

Nutella desert and camel burgers are on the menu!

But Deem is the amazing part of the equation, what a force!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sharjah International Book Fair

29 years young the Sharjah Book Fair is starting next week!

It is a wonderful free event that champions Arabic and English language literature, with an eye on the UAE!

Beyond Dubai

Nightline spoke about what else we can do in the UAE beyond the glitz of Dubai.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thoughts on Architecture? In Dubai

There sure are a lot of buzz killers here in Dubai!

And I still think you can compare the architecture and development in Dubai to any country or city.

If you want to play the history card then lets just look since 1960 at what is and has been done!

PlanetInc CEO

This is a very interesting way to look at how we understand leadership and decision making.

As Annie and Erika said common sense is not so common!

Listen to the ideas and check them out on Facebook- PlanetInc CEO

Monday, October 11, 2010 on Health and Fitness

Marcus Smith joined me to talk about InnerFight.

This site is free! You get a daily workout that is free and fun.


Because it is needed

Check out the video!

Here is the weeks training from the site!

Advice what is the best you have gotten?

We opened up the phone and sms line to Dubai to talk advice, the best and worst!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Kraft and the 2km sandwich

Kraft foods in the UAE is going to build a 2.5 kM sandwich to feed the hungry as part of its ongoing CSR activity, 10,000 sandwiches!

Listen to the story.

Magnus and Technology

Nokia phones again! And a conversation about the new very cool Sony computer!

Chef Andy!

Chef Andy joins me on Nightline to walk us through the kitchen and give you a few tips along the way!

Nice roast beef tip this week.

Banking again! Same as in 2007.

We dug into the vault for a little blast from the past and the issue is as hot as it was in March 2007!

Banks! Can we trust them or...

This is classic Nightline!

Mental Health Awareness

Dr. Laila Asamrai, head of the psychology section at Rashid Hospital and Paula Keenan project manager, joined us for a conversation about mental health and the awareness campaign underway.

For details you can call 04-219-2667

The podcast is delayed but coming!