Friday, April 13, 2018

CarClinic April 10, 2018

Everyone has one goal when it comes to cars, keeping that machine running in tip-top shape for as long as you possibly can!

Glenn joins the show from GT Auto Centre each week to help you work through your car questions.

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And we started with a few great questions sent into the show.

  1. Good evening James. I would like reviews from shazad on Nissan Sentra facing issues with it.It just speeds up very slow. the rev goes upto 5 n speed only 40. Thanks

2. What are some tell signs a vehicle has been in a crash from driving? Own one and think it may have had major repair done but it looks fine seems to drive crooked!

3. What is the difference between a minor and major service?

4. The heat or AC. I checked the fuses. Not sure if it is a relay? None of the fuses I checked were busted. I'm hoping I don't have a bigger problem going on. Any help is appreciated greatly.

On the dash is a diagram of the car. Usually for when the doors are open, hood is up, or trunk is open. Also a light under it called the brake lamp light. At odd intervals, all these lights flash at once. They stop just as soon as they start. Thought it was telling me my brakes were bad but replaced those and and it still comes on. Checked brake fluid, it's full. I don't have an owners manual to explain and would appreciate any help.

Car hesitates when starting, and there is a strong odor of gas, check engine light does not come on, and after it starts it runs good. Doesn't seem to have any leaks.

Car cranks has spark has fuel but will not start. What do you think could be the problem?

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