Thursday, March 15, 2018

CarClinic March 6 and 13, 2018

We think that the one thing we all share in common as humans is the desire to find an efficient mode of transport that does not use our own locomotion. Once we have found the way to get around that does not mean we have to do the physical work we spend our time and money keeping that transportation working.

Glenn joins the show each week from GT Auto Centre in Dubai to help you keep your car on the road.

There are always a healthy supply of questions to the show.

The March 13th show.

The March 6th show.

Here are the basic questions that fueled the show.

What are you seeing in the workshop this week?

Hi James/Glen,
I was back home in the Philippines in January and purchased a new Ford Ranger.
Before returning to Dubai the end of January I covered the vehicle with a heavy duty two piece cover that zips together to fully encloses it, vehicle is parked very close to the sea.
I will be returning to Philippines early May, is it ok for the car to be stored for this period of time without being started or driven? I could arrange for the vehicle to be started and idling for a time but having the vehicle to be driven would be a problem.  
Hopefully you will be able to answer my query in this weeks show or if not would be pleased to receive an e-mail response.
Many thanks.

hi guys. great show. I am considering buying a jeep cherokee trailhawk 2015. I am concerned abt the transmission in that model. I hears it fails many times and there were many recalls in US. is it a concern still with the car? you recommend I go through with it?  thanks

-squeaky fan belt does that mean it is going the belt ot the fan motor or both?
-Temp meter in the car rises at a stop goes to normal when driving what might be happening?
-brakes squeak at low speeds any ideas?
-how often rotate, balance and check tire pressure?
-nitro v air?

-How do I decide between an battery that needs servicing and a service free battery

-Door handle on my Yaris has broken off is that an easy fix, can I do it myself?

-Mechanic says my head gasket is done what is this and is it an immediate repair?

-when I am in a mall I hear a sound like stones in a hub cap but I have no hubcaps any idea what might be making that clancking noise?

-How often should the AC gas be replaced, does it wear out?

-Do we still have to ensure the gap for spark plugs or are they preset?

-HELP! I recently had my shocks and struts replaced. The control arms were also replaced. Ever since then I have had a high pitch squeaking sound coming from under the car.

-We drove a 2012 Camry for 5 months with it shifting hard (a light jerk, not smooth). We took it to a very reputable shop the end of Nov. that also specializes in transmissions and was told the transmission was shot and needed replaced ASAP. They said there were metal fragments in the transmission fluid. I told them to just fish the transmission to try to get us by for a while. When we got the car back it still shifted rough for a couple weeks and then that went away and it drives fine now. We have driven it over 4,000 miles with no issues. We have never had any warning lights. This was the first transmission flush, could it have fixed the issue? I don't want to replace a transmission that may still have many more miles on it. How can we find out for sure if we need a transmission? Could it go out at any time without warning?

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