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CarClinic February 27, 2018

We drive cars and we don't seem to have a very good grasp on how to maintain and fix our vehicles.

So, every week Glenn @glennthatcarguy joins us in the studio to help you fix your car.

Who wouldn't trust those faces!

The notes.

I have an Audi a five cabriolet 2014 model. The fabric on the inside lining of the roof is dangling down and I am told that this is as a result of the heat. Is there any inexpensive repair besides replacing the whole fabric roof inside and outside? Thanks Ben

-at a red light my car seems to rev high then comes down and then revs past 2.5 on the tach, any idea what is going on?

-will tires that are not the correct size for the car give a false speed reading?

-is it advisable to have a cracked windscreen changed at the agency with the genuine part?

-my ac tech is telling me I have an issue with a compression hose does that sound correct and what are they talking about we have some issues communicating

-starter was replaced on my 2010 camry now it wont start! Urrrr, had it for only a day, maybe starter is sucking battery dry or?????

-have a nice old beauty of a cadillac and need a new power antenna are they easy to come by?

My truck is making a loud popping only in
drive like it's backfiring changed sparkplugs
wires rotorbug and distributor cap the check
engine light was on the parts guy said it
was the ecm pcm I changed it the popping
didn't stop and now the check engine light is

The podcast.

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