Sunday, February 11, 2018

DIY Show February 7, 2018

Colin and Dan from are in the studio and they are offering advice on all your home repair and this week they are helping with a great bird feeder table project.

Project Bird Table
  • Materials- Get as much as you can either pre-cut at the shop you buy the wood from or adapt the design to use offcuts.
    • Materials List:
      1. Most Basic Possible:
        • Flat MDF or ply flat table- 18mm ideal. 50cm x 50cm approx.
        • Single Post – Approx 10cm x10cm single post. 1.2m long ideal.
        • 2cmx 2cm edging material x 2m (to stop the bird food falling off)
        • Pencil & Long ruler (or straight edge).
        • Tape measure
        • Drill with 3mm drillbit & 80mm or more wood screws x 3.
        • Pins- small nails & hammer.
        • Wood glue- optional
        • Preservative- 1 litre
    • How Long To Do: Max 1hr. 30 mins if you are handy.
    • Cost- If you can find offcuts- Under 100dhs. Enough spare material for the neighbourhood- 200dhs top (purchasing in sheets & lengths)
    • Expertise Level- I made with my cub group when I was 6 years old.
    • Instructions:
      1. Turn the square MDF upside down & draw a line from one corner diagonally to the other & repeat. This gives you the centre. Do the same on one end of your post.
      2. Drill the centres where the lines intersect with the wood screw to an approx. depth of 5cm & 3 cm up and down one of the lines. 3 holes
      3. Turn over the MDF & place screw in the centre hole & line it up with the hole in the centre of the post. Screw it in.
      4. Line up the corners of the square post with the lines you drew on the underside before putting in the other 2 screws.
      5. The edging material is going on the topside to stop the bird feed falling off when the crazy birds start pecking!
      6. Attach the batons to the 4 sides using the small nails (pins) & you are done.
      7. Dig a hole to site your bird table ideally not too close to a wall or tree which could leave the birds at risk from cats.
    • Tips & Tricks- KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid! To make your bird table last longer and look visually better why not give it a quick coat of preservative or paint?
    • You want to go crazy? Use the edging on all 4 corners along with some more MDF to make a roof. Bird box?

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